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May Goals

Welcome to May! Happy May! May is a-May-zing. Ok, ok enough of the silliness! Yes, it’s May and it’s also my big Birthday Month! Yep, on May 18th I’ll be turning 25! So, with a big date on the horizon and it almost being the middle of the year already (whaaat!) i thought I’d share some of my May Goals with ya!

May Blog Goals

This month I would LOVE to hit 100k views this month – I am so friggin’ close and I would really love to see that big old number hit my dashboard by the end of May!

I have smashed through 200 posts so far on LoveRosiee and I posed three times a week usually over here, so I feel like 250 posts will be on the cards real soon!

I want to keep my content up to a high standard. I constantly freak out about what I publish, does it represent me properly, does it fit with my demographic etc. and I want to keep a really good standard of my posts on the blog and keep being proud of what I put out there!

I want to reply to all blog comments and comment on every single bloggers’ blog that comments over here! It is such a silly thing not to get done but it can be so time consuming, blogging is not just putting pen to paper!

May Social Media Goals

Instagram has been a real crap-storm lately! My engagement has been down and I am constantly worried that I am being shadow-banned. I have so fallen out of love with it but sadly, running away from it, deleting it and forgetting about it will not help my engagement at all. So, here I am, plugging away, posting twice daily and engaging with others as much as physically possible! So, by the end of May my month would be made by seeing my follower count hit 2k!

Twitter is my first love when it comes to blogging! It is my instant portal into the blogging world and it is one I am very keen on staying on top of. As of today I have 5,845 followers. By the end of May if my followers could reach 6k I would 100% do a happy dance!

Before the end of May I intend to fit in another giveaway. I went through a phase of doing lots and lots of cool giveaways which helped me meet so many amazing bloggers and get to know so many people. I love hosting giveaways so I am hoping to host one before the end of the month!

May Life Goals

As I mentioned above, I am turning the grand old age of 25 on May 18th! I am so excited for it and a little scared. I am in such a good place in my life, in my relationships and in my blog so 25 is not like a looming mile stone to frighten me! I would love to just have an amazing birthday week (yeah, I get at least a week for my birthday, I am basically the Queen!) with lots of love, family and happiness!

I would love to reach a milestone weight in my weight loss programme by the end of May! I have been working really hard since Christmas to sensibly and healthily lose weight for myself! I am very close to reaching that goal and it would mean the world to me if I could finally get there after 5 months of real hard work!

What are your May Goals?





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