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Interior Goals \\ Pinterest

As a homeowner, I am forever in the midst of a Pinterest splurge and always looking at ways I can jazz up my living room or make my work space a bit more homely and, well, Instagram and blog worthy! Yes, I am that sad! My amazing boyfriend and I have owned our house for a few years now and what was once a huge rush of taking anything furniture wise and trying to make it all fit into our new home is now a family home of which we’d like to make a little more our own. Owning or renting a house takes so much effort and money and at the end of a very long working day, there is nothing better than coming home and feeling like you’re the King or Queen of your castle.

I usually document my living areas and blogging areas and very soon I will be adding a whole new blogging area to my home and so stay tuned for my interior fails and successes!

Now, where is the BEST place to pour over an ideal of interiors or, well, anything? Want to plan your fictitious, money is no option Wedding – Pinterest! Want some Halloween outfit inspiration – Pinterest! 

Pinterest is 100% my go-to for all sorts of things that I want to look at and research into in making my life cooler or try to. There are also some amazing blogs and Instagrams that are pure Interior goals – namely Millydaydreams, Poppy Deyes, Eye Swoon and more!

These are just a few Pins from my Pinterest for my current Interior Goals. As you can see I am all for the minimal look at the moment. I am incredibly lucky to have a wonderfully open home that gives me lots of space to work with but I am clutter queen (as well as my boyfriend!). So, I am all about minimalism! I love pieces of furniture that store and hide bits and bobs and I love things like scatter cushions and prints and framed bits on the walls.

I am a photograph freak, my house is full of old photos from my childhood as well as many snaps documenting mine and my love’s life together so far but I am wanting to curb that a little and go for more prints and warm up my house.

My bathroom is a whole ‘nother ball game. I think I spend most of my time in my bathroom – barring my Kitchen which is the heart of my home – dinner parties, tea dates, silly dinners and more! 

My bathroom is my go-to parlour for relaxation and pampering. Being a blogger, I am lucky enough to get lots of products to trial and test out and my bath is my best friend for that sort of stuff. After a crazy busy day I love nothing more than pouring myself a grande glass of Red, running a bath and putting on a hair mask and a face mask and melting away into happiness!

So, my bathroom goals are serious!

Pinterest is heaven for this sort of stuff! In my dreams (and if I had a million pounds) I would totally revamp my entire bathroom.

Picture a free standing bath, marble tiles, beautifully white and crisp storage, gleaming and clean … with my millions, I’d definitely need to get a cleaner!

There’s a huge theme to my Pins, as you can see! Again, I’ve gone for a very minimalist look, lots of sneaky storage and lots of white and easy to clean – ‘cos life isn’t always Instagram worthy!

But, you know what I’d love the most in my bathroom Interior goals? A gorgeous bathroom mirror from Pebble Grey! If you haven’t snuck over to their website, you need to!

I love their light up mirrors and I feel they are the perfect finishing touch to any interior bathroom!

What would be in your Interior Goals?





1 Comment

  1. July 28, 2017 / 8:13 pm

    I love Kate La Vie for interior goals but I’m going to have to check out the others that you mentioned now too – thanks for sharing them! I own a house and it’s been very stop start with doing bits to it but i’m focused on making it much more homely this year – fingers crossed!

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

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