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Metallic Musts

Let’s talk about Metallics.

Silver, gold and Rose Gold are about to hit the high street for summer and I cannot convey how friggin’ excited I am for this! So, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few Spring months, you’ll know that Metallics are not just for Christmas. Oh no, no, no! Metallics have transformed into Spring and even Summer wear! Oh yes! And I am here, for you, to show you the BEST picks of Metallics for Summer Seventeen!

In The Style are smashing it when it comes to the Metallic trend. And, look, no hint of Christmas at all! So classy and so on point for Summer with beautiful floaty and flowing materials! I love In The Style – they seem to be so ahead of the trend sand what’s coming next and they are one brand that literally are constantly posting and keeping their customers updated at what’s coming next. Amazing for knowing what’s coming next, not so good for my poor bank balance!

I love nothing more than a good top/shirt and these tops are excellent for showing off your best bits and don’t even get me started on those sliders! I am in LOVE!


I love ASOS! They always hit it bang on with every single one of their trends! And the Metallic trend is no exception! I love that they have fully embraced the trend in so many of their ranges.

First up, let’s talk about that Beach Please bag. I want it, I need it, I kinda just bought it!

ASOS show that this trend is so easy to achieve with just one item on your outfit! Whether it’s shoes, a bag or a belt; it is so easy to add one simple part of your outfit to polish it off!

I love these picks and they are diverse enough to be worn separately or together without a major clashing fail!

Missguided are such a fave of mine! I love how they do their styles so well!

Missguided are one of those stores I am forever taking a peak at to see what the next trend will be and as a point of reference!

I love a good pair of sunglasses and I am so beyond happy that there are so many more options out there to get good on budget ones that aren’t designer. I mean, how beautiful are these rose gold metallic sunnies!?

I really love a good jacket and top combo and know that each and every one of these pieces are perfect and such quality!


Boohoo took me on a bit of a ride when it came to looking for Metallic. I intended to look solely for good clothing picks but couldn’t help but spot these amazing Metallic Unicorn brushes. I mean, oh my! How gorgeous. And they wont break the bank either!

Boohoo do accessories so well and I have so many bits and bobs and trinkets from them that stack up my Jewellery Box and these beautiful Dream Catcher Earrings are about to find a home in there too!

I love nothing more than a top with good trim! Off the shoulder and cold shoulder are so in and add a splash of metallic and you are winning!

Would you try to incorporate more metallic in your Summer wardrobe?

What do you think of my picks?





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