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Light & Dark | Leighton Denny

Who doesn’t love high end gifts, scents and presents? Me, personally? I am ADDICTED to buying new scents at the moment.

My current favourite being Princess, Vera Wang. But, I have a problem. It’s actually a bit embarrassing! If you’ve ever read my blog before or you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that the running joke is that I literally waste my money on pretty smelling air – because nothing sticks to me! High end, lower range, I’ve tried it all and not a single scent sticks to me.

But no longer! Thank the LORD for Leighton Denny Solid EDP Frangrance Enhancer – I smell like a beautiful meadow and will forevermore!

You may have heard of Leighton Denny. If you haven’t – where have you been? Living under a rock?

Leighton Denny Nails are the company taking the blogging world by storm. I can’t switch on my Insta Stories quick enough to find bloggers raving about their Leighton Denny samples and their amazing quality. Well, did you know that he’s more than just a nail officiando? The man himself has an MBE and has a boutique where you can get your hands on all of his amazing products?

This amazing Touch Up Solid Perfume enhancer does everything it says on the tin. The solid moisturising stick has its own scents of delicious pepper, peach and grapefruit and if applied to your skin before the application of perfume, will encourage that aroma to last all day long!

No kidding! 

The stick itself is really gel like and instantly makes those areas often neglected feel moisturised and supple again. It isn’t at all sticky or gloopy and once you’ve spritzed way to your heart’s content, you’ll be good to go almost instantly!

I have actually worn just the Light and Dark Stick itself a few times at work and have been complimented on smelling beautiful. When I add my favourite scent of the day, be that Vera Wang, Chanel or Karl Lagerfeld, I smell amazing all day!

LoveRosiee’s top tips of where best to apply Light & Dark and then perfume:

On the inside of your wrists
On the nape of your neck
In the inside of your elbows
Behind your hairs sparingly to give that hair flick the punch it needs!
A tiny bit behind your knees on a night out

You can shop the AMAZING Light & Dark Solid Perfume Enhancer here!

You can also find my top three favourite scents below:

Princess Vera Wang – AllBeauty
Coco Noir, Chanel  – Harrods
For Her, Karl Lagerfeld – Parfum Dreams 



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