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Hair Saviours

Split ends? Frazzled and fried ends? Hair need some TLC?

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I am guilty of all of these. I am a hair lover – jealous of long, shiny locks but I neglect my own locks! I have frizzy days and lank hair days but I have tried and tested many products to help us get through the bad hair days!

Anything by Aussie the hair care company I find to instantly revitalize my hair. Whether it’s a quick shampoo in the shower or a long, miracle working leave in conditioner – my hair is always left smooth and shiny.



The Frizz Miracle works wonders on a humid day – it leaves your locks luxurious and with no frizz at all.

If you have extra long locks like I do (past the belly button – great for hair kudos, awful for trying to put your bra on in a rush) and need a little boost look no further than the Luscious Long range by Aussie.

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