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OOTD Boutique of Molly’s Beri Poncho

Winter is officially here! The wind is whipping around, the rain is constant and the lighting is no-existent! Welcome to England! But it’s not all bad! I’ve stumbled upon a little find that will have you filling your online shopping basket by the end of this post!

Of course, I’m talking about one of my favourite stores of the moment – Boutique of Molly! A lovely store that I have worked with a few times before. They contacted me a few weeks back about some potential ponchos they’d plan to sell over the Winter period. I had to jump at the chance at trying out the said poncho and I could not be happier!

It arrived within days as a little pink package – always a nice touch from the BOM girls! I was so excited to try it that I wore it around my house, over my pajamas for an entire evening! I’m a right laugh on a weekday night, me!

LoveRosiee on Instagram

LoveRosiee on Instagram

The gorgeous creamy poncho is the perfect addition to anyone’s winter wardrobe! It is a lovely length – just skimming above the knee, so perfect to be paired with jeans or a longish dress as a bold accessory. On the day I shot the piece I wore my staple, black jeans and a simple black t-shirt. I wanted to the beautiful poncho to stand alone – but I needn’t have been worried as it’s gorgeous colours and motif catch they eye anyway!

close up

It has a rolled collar – turtle neck style, which gives the feel of a scarf come jumper come poncho. It is lovely and thick yet not heavy! As you can see, I’m only wearing a little flimsy shirt from a high street store – but I was lovely and warm in the poncho! Even though the piece doesn’t have sleeves my entire body was kept warm and cosy! A win for me!

Loving the look this Autumn!

Loving the look this Autumn!

I paired the look with quite a simple hair and make up style – again not wanting to pull focus from the gorgeous poncho. I was on a lovely Autumn walk and took the opportunity of great lighting and amazing new products to take a few snaps and I think they’ve come out great!

LoveRosiee on Instagram

LoveRosiee on Instagram

The creamy colour of the piece added to my ivory look – it’s winter and I’ve only sporadically been fake tanning, if I’m honest I’ve been lazy! It’s very rare that I find a piece of clothing like this that doesn’t wash me out. If anything I feel that the lovely Beri poncho compliments my colour and made me feel very confident.


A huge advantage of this poncho and the time of year we’re hitting is that it is so forgiving! While being on trend and uber stylish, it would help towards hiding a multitude of sins. Perfect for the days following Christmas, when we all stuff ourselves full of roast potatoes and cheese! It’s not bulky so wont make you look bigger – if anything it will forgive the Christmas add ons and accentuate your impeccable style choices!

I received SO many compliments on it throughout the day and night whilst wearing it and was asked where it came from a multitude of times! It is obvious to see the luxury of the product as well as how on trend it is! I could not love this item more!

LoveRosiee on Instagram

LoveRosiee on Instagram

Boutique of Molly is a great store and if you haven’t had a peak at all they offer yet – get on it! You can find them here. This poncho is one size fits all so it’s a perfect match for one and all! Best thing about it is the price! Like many of the BOM items, they wont break the bank! Meaning, you can spend a little extra time shopping their lovely products and can buy a little more! Go on, treat yourself, it’s nearly Christmas!

I think this would be the perfect Christmas gift for any girl. Whether it’s you treating yourself or someone else – I think I’ll be treating one of my sisters with this for sure! It is so perfect for the season upon us and such a timeless classic piece that I will still be wearing it next season, no doubt!

Another great thing about Boutique of Molly is that they ask for BOM Selfies when you’re in their products. Who doesn’t love a selfie! This item enabled me to take some lush selfies and great blogging photos – I am very happy with it all! I will be sharing my BOM selfie on both Instagram and Twitter – so follow me to stay up to date! Send/Tag me in your BOM selfies too so I can see how you rock the look!





  1. November 22, 2015 / 3:36 pm

    Great review! I was contacted by these guys last week and unfortunately due to being a “larger” size, not sure I’ll be able to work with them. However I did love the look of their ponchos and will definitely be in contact with them to try out possible sizes just to see if they will be suitable for myself xx

    • Rosie
      November 22, 2015 / 4:09 pm

      You should definitely get involved!! The ponchos are AMAZING!! I’ve barely taken it off!

      • November 22, 2015 / 6:15 pm

        I know I’m just not sure I can justify spending that much on a poncho i don’t (really) need, even when the discount have been applied haha! xx

        • Rosie
          November 22, 2015 / 6:19 pm

          I felt the same at first but I absolutely love the piece! It’s such good quality and thick and luxurious that I know it will last well into next season and even into next winter. If you are unsure, maybe ask for it as a gift for Christmas??

  2. November 26, 2015 / 9:24 am

    Gosh, I love this – I find coats such a faff so this having that turtle neck would mean not having to wear one! Love the design too 🙂 x

    Viva Epernay

    • Rosie
      November 26, 2015 / 4:50 pm

      It is lovely isn’t it!! And it’s such a luxurious and thick material so really no need for a coat!! I think you should invest in one!!

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