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My Top 7 Christmas Jumpers

Flash back to Bridget Jones. She enters her relatives’ Christmas party feeling quite fragile after a boozy Christmas day. She feels uncomfortable and under age compared to the old fogies enjoying their nibbles and buffet on Boxing Day. Then the camera pans up to the one and only Mark Darcy! The most awkward, English bloke ever stands there in the worst excuse for a Christmas jumper known to humanity!

Mark Darcy!

Mark Darcy!

But, who knew that the handsome Mr Darcy would become a seasonal trend setter!? Christmas jumpers may have been a cringey outfit add on back in the early 2000s but these days they are huge! Everyone and his wife owns a Christmas jumper and they happily show it off for the festive period! Well done, Mark Darcy – turns out, we love YOU just the way you are, too!

So, I have taken it upon myself to give you lovely readers my pick of the best high street Christmas jumpers – or Chrumpers as I like to call them, for Christmas 2015.

My first pick is a lovely Chrumper I spotted months ago and have been hinting for ever since. It is me in a jumper! And, amazingly it’s well within a reasonable budget. My first pick comes from Asos at a grand total of £20!

20 asos

How cute is this!? I am definitely still hinting at ANYONE to buy me this jumper – and I think it would last the test of time and still look great next Christmas after being shoved at the back of your wardrobe for a year!

You can buy Little Miss Christmas jumper here.

High street shops have gone crazy for the good old Chrumper this year and they’re showing that they aren’t afraid to show off their cheeky Christmas Spirit! One store that are very much showing that they don’t care whether they make the nice list or not is Missguided.com. I adore this store and spend so much of my tie drooling over EVERYTHING! Always on trend and at a low price, it’s definitely one of my faves! Their selection of Christmas jumpers this year is spot on but I had to pick these two gorgeous ones to share!

18 missguided

Love a little sass in my wardrobe – and although this may not be suitable for the office Christmas party, it’s one I would be wearing as much as possible. Love love love this jumper!

18 missguided2

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know all summer long I was all “fries before guys” – barring of course my lovely man! But, Missguided have changed my mind once again! Now, on the run up to Christmas I am all “mince pies before guys”. I love this jumper and can see it being so popular with girls of all ages!

Best of all, both of these lovely Christmas jumpers are only £18 each! What a steal – you’d be silly not to invest in one!

Missguided Christmas jumpers available to buy here.

Another company that is absolutely killing it in the Christmas jumper stakes is another fave of mine! This store has been one of my favorites for about six years! I always come back to them as my staple store for trends and growing fashion ideas. They are always at the forefront of where I want my styles to be and the same goes with their Christmas jumper range. Of course, I’m talking about Boohoo.com.

These gorgeous jumpers will definitely stand the test of time and are so on trend it’s scary! Buy these and you’ll be the talk of the office!

boohoo body

Now, you all know I love Elf – it’s one of my favorite Christmas films so this first jumper is perfect for the ultimate lover of Christmas! It’s simple and wont offend anyone – perfect if you’ve got a proper grown up job and cant afford to put anyone’s nose out of joint!

The second one is so perfect for the many selfie lovers out there! Imagine your Christmas selfie with this gorgoeus Elfie Selfie jumper on! I can see it now! Amazing!

2boohoo 15col

These final two Christmas jumper picks are from Boohoo.com again and are classics. Last year this Home Alone inspired Christmas jumper was EVERYWHERE! Now, you can get your hands on it for not too shabby a price!

The second one is so good! So on trend and tongue in cheek, perfect for the under stated fashionista!

Amazingly, all of these jumpers are available from Boohoo at £15 each – what a bargain! I might buy two … or three!?

You can find them here.

These are my top picks of Christmas Jumpers fo the Festive Season 2015! I HAVE to say a huge thank you to my muse – the one and only Mark Darcy! If it wasn’t for him, who knows where the humble Christmas Jumper would be today!


Bridget Jones' Diary

Bridget Jones’ Diary

As Bridget would say, bottoms up! And a very Merry Christmas from me!




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