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My Style

With the crisp, cold air drawing in comes a crossroads in fashion. September itself has always been a time for me to reflect on myself … a sort of New Years resolution revamp without the pressure of January. So, with September and this gorgeous season creeping upon us comes a time of re-evaluation, reflection and being brave enough to try new things. I have managed to do this with the help of one of the nicest bloggers I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, Chloe! My Style is a store, a new blog that’s coming very soon, and a lovely person behind the Twitter profile. Luckily for you lovely lot, I’ve paired up with Chloe from My Style to give you the heads up on where to find the best trinkets, clothing and so much more! And I cannot describe enough how amazing this store is and the huge amount of potential it has! If you are a blogger or just a nutter for online shopping, I beg you to take five minutes out of your day and hop on over to My Style – you’ll end up losing 5 hours and buying more stuff than you’re allowed to but you’ll fall in love, just as I did!


When I started talking to Chloe from My Style (after ogling and dribbling over the amazing online store for hours on end) I was put at ease knowing they wanted my blog purchases to really reflect myself and my blog – something not to be taken fro granted, blogging is a hrad job and having a brand that nurtures your own style and encourages true posts is a keeper n my eyes! I told them I was all about Boho (which you’ll know if you’ve visited LoveRosiee before) and was delighted to see that the most gorgeous, on trend and Boho-esque trinkets arrived on my door step.

I love everything turquoise, dainty and statemented so imagine my excitement when I opened my parcel to see these!


When you imagine a blogger, whether you are one or not, what piece of food do you imagine? Well, I’ve been blogging for a year now and it’s the same for me now as it was last year. Macaroons! Those delicate little biscuits will always personify the blogging world for me.

But, looks are deceiving from My Style! Those two gorgeous little macaroons aren’t edible, in fact they are the coolest thing ever… jewellery holders!


Yep, pop these little beauties open and inside you’ll find the most amazing rings! I was chuffed to find that within this little gift was another one, a dream catcher ring!

I love how simple this idea is and how My Style have executed it so well!


If you thought My Style was another on trick pony, you’re wrong! As well as showcasing amazing trinkets and original storage solutions, they also sell the coolest and most on trend fashion! I was totally spoilt by them and received this cute little t shirt and a gorgeous dress!

The materials of both were on point – not a worry about odd textures or ill fitting clothing – My Style nailed it!


So, if you are after a completely new way of shopping, communicating and spreading the word on your new purchases – which us bloggers love to do – then My Style is your one stop shopping experience!

I have completely fallen in LOVE with their ethos as a company, how it’s run and the abundance of amazing on trend bits – whether its a fashion buy, jewellery or beauty buys that you’re after!

My Style is all over the interaction so you can find the Twitter profile here!

Their Instagram is huge – find it here!

My Style’s amazing store can be found here!

And the My Style blog is coming very soon run by the lovely Chloe so get following on social media to find out more!

*My Style is a Sole Trader but to meet the face behind the business be sure to follow them on Twitter*





  1. September 13, 2016 / 10:48 am

    The dreamcatcher ring sounds adorable!
    Shona x

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