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Nailspo with Bling Art Nails

As a woman, what is better than feeling beautiful and sexy!? I am such an attention whore and I love that my boyfriend totally gets that. He knows me inside out and backwards and knows that when I need attention he needs to stop everything for me! Being a girl, I sometimes need some help making myself feel nice. Whether that be to go on yet another diet (stay tuned as I am on an incredible diet to be debuted very soon on the blog), getting your hair done or doing something slightly less drastic like applying some bitchin’ false nails to finish your outfit on a Saturday night! Get ready for some Nailspo (Nail Inspiration) from Bling Art Nails!


So, recently I received a Press Release from Bling Art Nails telling me how the new sexy accessory is stiletto style nails… well I felt a touch out of the loop. I love nail art and am a total nail addict (if you’ve hopped on over here before you’ll know) but I never actually pay someone to do my nails – Bargain Blogger through and through! I have always insisted on doing it myself – with varying successes. However, Bling Art Nails offer something different and not on the expensive or nail damaging side!

These gorgeous Stiletto shaped nails are the type that you can apply yourself and safely remove yourself! Well, me being the attention seeker I am, I had to get in on it and try my hand at using these nails!


Inside these little packs are nail glue (pretty strong stuff, do not get it on anything you want to keep nice!), a nail buff/file and the false nails. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the company aren’t stingey like so many nail brands, and they added in many different types of sizes for you to enjoy. In fact, after using the nails once I still have enough false nails to reapply another round – bonus!


Best part about the application of these nails? Well, like my snap suggests, it literally took ten minutes to do and they were done! I was so impressed with the sixes of the nails (I have tiny hands and nails) and how simple it was to get the look perfect!

To apply these nails these are the simple steps to follow!

first, prep your nails, make sure there is no product or residue of product on them

file them to a suitable and strong length

buff your nails so they are a perfect texture for the nail glue to stick to them

always apply the thumb nails last – so start with your weakest hand with the little finger and inwards

apply a thin layer of nail glue to the inside of the false nail and at the bed of your nail

press on the false nail starting at the cuticle then firmly pressing down for 15-20 seconds

carefully apply the rest of the nails, while still going back and re-pressing the applied nails to ensure they’re stuck on securely

apply your thumb nails, being sure to add pressure to the nails for a firm stick

It’s really as simple as that! And don’t they look gorgeous!

bling-art2 bling-art

I LOVE them! I instantly felt like Beyoncé! I jazzed up my nails with some gorgeous midi rings from My Style (I featured My Style recently, find them here)

The nails were so sturdy that I had no worry of them pinging off with the tiniest bit of pressure!

One down side though, was that not being used to such long nails I wasn’t able to manoeuvre intimate things very well. Namely, all that’s involved in popping to the loo. I was stuck in the toilet for ages trying to first undo my jeans and pull them down. Then puling them back up must have looked like that scene from Friends with Ross and the leather pants! You know what I’m talking about! I also struggled unlocking my iPhone, typing and taking photos. I was not used to using the flat of my finger to do it but it was funny to watch me struggle apparently!

This however took a little while to get used to and in the days following I managed these tasks easier!


So, YASS! Bling Art Nails made me feel so sexy for the time I wore them – in my own individual comic sexy way! I instantly felt like Beyoncé and had people commenting me all night on my look. My confidence soared and the nails really finished my look! I LOVE THEM! Even better is that my lovely boyfriend protested when I finally took them off! Seems he really liked them too!

Find Bling Art Nails here!

Would you use false nails?




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