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Autumn Coats Wish List

With Autumn comes the want to wrap up, snuggle down and avoid that Autumn chill. With Autumn also comes the want to avoid looking frumpy, bland and larger than your actual size. That’s why buying the right jacket or coat for you is so important. You don’t want one that swamps you and makes you look a million times larger than your frame; you don’t want one that actually doesn’t serve its purpose as a coat; and most importantly, you don’t want just one! The catwalks have been full of loads of lovely different trends on the run up to this glorious season – everything from satin coats, duster lengths and out-there patterns –  and the amazing high street and online stores have been only too happy to emanate those trends and go to town! So, luckily for us, there are many different styles to choose from in lots of different price categories. To help you out, like the good little blogger that I am, here is my Autumn Coats Wish List!

missguided-coats missguided-coats3 missguided-coats2

Missguided are smashing it in the coats and jackets leagues this season – as they usually do! They’ve gone for it with a wide range of styles including the long length duster coats which can be found in gorgeously light pastel colours! I am desperate to get my hands on a longer duster style jacket this season but personally walk on the side of caution simply due to the fact that I am short and dumpy. I am sure if I found the right one I’d look bitchin’ but I’m going to do a bit more shopping around and lots more trying on until I fully commit!

A camel coat has got to be in every fashionista’s wardrobe. I’ll never forget my love for camel coats, I saw one and thought “yeah I can blog about this” low and behold, LoveRosiee was born! A post featuring the camel coat never came to light (my photography was God-awful at the start) but watch this space…

I love that Missguided have gone for such broad lengths, colours and trends but I mostly love the prices. Missguided can always be relied on for great prices a little treat and even better prices for a larger splurge. You can rest assured with Missguided that you can fill your wardrobe this season with a pick of gorgeous on trend coats and jackets without being too poor to go out and show them off!


pink-boutique-coats3 pink-boutique-coats2 pink-boutique-coats

If you haven’t heard of Pink Boutique (read up on my picks from them last year here) then you’ll fall for them with my top picks of their range of coats and jackets for Autumn! They are one of those stores that have me lusting over every piece of clothing they do. They also have me desperately putting away the biscuits to try and trim down to look as good as their models!

Pink Boutique have their own individual take on catwalk styles and completely own it! I love their khaki duster coat (I have hearts in my eyes right now), they have such a choice of bombers which sees this striped number hit the top of my faves this season!

I have always been a fan of a good quality leather jacket – they’re so resilient and can be brought out year after year. The reason I picked this one for my Autumn Coats Wish List is because of the zip motif. I love the length of it and how its shorter than your bum (maybe not one for those freezing winter days) but the fit is lush!

I am also a sucker for faux fur gilets – to the despair of my sister who thinks I can pull them off just as well as Kat Slater! Never mind that, I love the length and colour of Pink Boutique’s version and know it’ll keep your cockles warm for the entire breezy season!

As much as the Rihanna velvet bomber jacket looks like a velour tracksuit I still absolutely adore it!

 e5p-coats3 e5p-coats2 e5p-coats

Everything £5 is my new hero … all hail a store that is insane quality, incredible shipping times and ridiculous prices! I have completely fallen in love with this store and spent many of my hard earned fivers on their gorgeous bits! The beauty of this store is not just in the price. Because the prices are consistently so low, the stock is always revolving and bringing in new styles, new best sellers and bringing back amazing bits! This is a store you need to check on the regular to get your hands on their best bits!

Their coats are no exception! They’ve taken their own twist on the duster jacket but have run with the pinks that were seen all over the high street. Another perk of this is that if you aren’t all too daring, these pinks are pastelled enough to not blow people’s eyes out but on trend enough for you to make that entrance!

I love their take on the tartan boyfriend coat, a shout out to the catwalk where ridiculously priced designer jackets were made from the same mould. Everything £5 have smashed it with their version and it looks so much more than just the fiver price tag!

I love their pink boyfriend coat … this is one of the items on Everything £5 that if you see and find it in your size BUY IT! Because it’s so popular it’s gone out of stick about 375 times in the last two weeks!

I have also purchased their faux fur gilet (post coming soon, watch this space) and I can 100% tell you it’s the fluffiest thing in the world, it is the perfect length for my stubbiness and I could lie in it forever for its comfort!

asos-coats asos-coats2

Last up on my Autumn Coats Wish List s a few from ASOS. Would any Wish List post be full without an appearance from ASOS? I am totally in love with the idea of bringing back out my oversized blanket scarves so when I spotted a few new versions on ASOS I was like, I’mma just pop them on the blog!

Yes, yes the price is a little on the large side. But you know that with a store like ASOS that even if you drop a small bomb price wise, it’ll at least last you until the next millennium!

They’ve gone Parka-mad over on ASOS which is great for me. A Parka is one of the few coats that ladies of all shapes and sizes can pull off and still look cute in! I love a good parka and am so glad to see them making a reappearance this season as the sturdy and fashionable accessory they are!

I love the cotton detail and slightly off centre and unique take on a bomber jacket in the last picture. If you haven’t already heard (where have you been!?) bomber jackets are THE thing right now, so this one will set you apart from the rest!

What sort of coat are you going to go for this Autumn?





  1. Tania
    November 7, 2016 / 12:31 am

    OMG I’m loving the ASOS parkas! I haven’t had one of those in years, I definitely need to purchase one again! Also I love the Missguided ones, there is always something on there for everyone 🙂

    Fab post xxx

    Tania | teabee x

  2. Ri
    October 7, 2018 / 5:15 pm

    My favourite is the camel biker jacket. So different and versatile!

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