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Autumn Scents

If you don’t adorn every free, flat space in your house with scented candles, you’re doing life wrong! Life is made better with the help of scents – they transport us back to forgotten memories, they stir up loving ideas of Christmas and more! I love scented candles and diffusers and think that Autumn is the best time of year to restock and shop around for some gorgeous scents. This post features my ultimate favourite scent brand, Yankee Candle! Enjoy my Autumn Scents!

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So, I’ve picked some absolute gems for my Autumn Scents post … you always know that with Yankee Candle, you can never go wrong!

Autumn Scents to me are the smells and sense of rain outside on the hard concrete; freshly washed clothes that smell warm and like home; indulgent and wholesome meals like bread and butter pudding and sausage and mash!

Autumn is the time where everything gets a little darker and more tired. It is also a time of beautiful bursts of colours and appreciation and reflection. We are, after all, on the home straight to the end of the year and those dreaded New Years Resolutions, so Autumn for me is always a brilliant time to reflect on what I’ve already achieved this year and what I have left to do!

Homeware is also so important in Autumn. The shops have got wind of this in the last couple years and always role out their most gorgeous homeware pieces at this time of year! You cannot step into a shop without being faced with gorgeous tea light candles, owl ornaments or oaky trinkets!

Scented candles and candles themselves are a staple for homeware. And, it’s so important to treat yourself to some gorgeous looking candles and some gorgeous smells that will fill your bedroom, bathroom or home!

Rhubarb Crumble this gorgeous scent sends me straight back to my childhood, after hours on the family allotment nothing welcomed you home like the smell of a hot Rhubarb Crumble bubbling away in the oven. This candle smells so much like the real thing that you run the risk of making yourself hungry as soon as its lit!

Autumn Night is an earthy and fresh smell that sends your brain into overdrive thinking it’s about to tip it down outside. I’m not the only one who can smell rain am I?

Ebony And Oak is a woody and musky smell that transports you to a log cabin in the woods … you can picture it, a log fire, red wine in hand, old movies on and rain trickling down the windows outside… Autumn heaven!

Cosy By The Fire is a mix of all those smells that welcome us warmly into Autumn and the oncoming Christmas season. Hints of cinnamon and cloves send your home into a gingerbread house of Christmas delight!

Amber Moon is an absolute favourite of mine for this time of year. Not only is it the colour of pumpkins and has an eerie glow, but it smells of golden oranges and warm scents of sweetness and wood.

What’s on your Autumn Scents list?




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