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Autumn Goals

So, recently I’ve tried my hardest to up my blog game and reintroduce myself back into the blogging community. You now how it is, life gets in the way and before you know it you’ve not sat and read any blogs let alone your own for weeks. You e not commented on posts even though you’ve loved them and you’ve not followed or kept up to date with your favourite bloggers. I am so guilty of this. Last couple months I’ve had big life changes but now it’s all settled I’m back with a vengeance! In my recent time finding new blogs I saw a really neat idea of listing your goals for the month/season so here is my first attempt at my Autumn Goals!


Here goes.. My Autumn Goals are as follows…

Re-start commenting on at least 3 blogs a day

retweet at least 3 blog posts a day on Twitter

try to up my Autumn blog photography game (damn you darkness, if you know, you know!)

be more creative with my blog props

do another big blog giveaway

join in as many blogging chats as possible

reinsert myself into the blogging community

put together a Christmas gift guide

hit 5000 followers on twitter

hit 60k visits in my blog

reach 1100 followers on Instagram


I really hope I can hit these goals by at least December! Some of them are a touch over a,bilious but it’s best to have goals right?! My mum always said “aim for he moon, if you miss you’ll always land on a star!” So that’s what I’m attempting!

What would your Autumn Goals be?

Do you agree with mine?





  1. November 13, 2016 / 7:14 pm

    love this post Rosie so awesome to have you back again!!! hehe!!!! =) Life can be hard sometimes and we can often forget to do the things we love most but with a little effort, we can again enjoy them!
    Good Luck babe! xoxox

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