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New Orleans Top Spots

Have you got a bucket list of places to travel to in the world? I certainly do and this year I was lucky enough to be able to tick one of those insane places off of my list! And it didn’t disappoint! In May this year, I visited New Orleans with my wonderful boyfriend for four incredible, busy and mad days! And here are my Top Spots of where you should visit!

New Orleans for me and my lovely finace (still feels so weird saying that!) was the number one next spot in America that we wanted to visit. We both love music – although our tastes in music could not be more opposite! We both love America and we also love partying and going out all night to drink local beers, eat strange and wonderful food and have a good time!

New Orleans for us ticked all of those boxes. A region of American famous for it’s music, Jazz most prominently, and also known for it’s eclectic food, inspired and twisted from cajun decent!

We were told lots before we visited of places to go, restaurants to visit and food we had to try and those little tips helped us sooo much! So, while I am no travel blogger, I am having a go at sharing my own experiences that will hopefully help you in your trip to New Orleans!

This post has been SO hard to put together, there are so many wicked places to visit in New Orleans so while this post is a “top spots” one, it isn’t in a 10-1 order.. all these places are amazing and should be seen if possible!

Steamboat Natchez

New Orleans only steamboat will take you on a jazz filled tour up the Ol’ Miz for a couple of hours. Obviously, New Orleans is the home of jazz music and while the main strips in the French Quarter and down Bourbon are becoming more and more commercial, the Steamboat Natchez is a jazz lovers dream!
With a live band and massive dance floor on board, you can sail your way up and down the Mississippi river in the blazing sunshine, taking in the city of New Orleans and learning the history of it from the French Kings to the many recent hurricanes and the town’s recovery time and time again!

The roof top bars and gardens

On first glance of walking up and down blocks of streets in New Orleans, it may seem obvious that there are many roof top or balcony set bars to sit on and watch the world go by. We found out quite early on in our trip that many of these spaces are pre-rented by big companies or parties and any random Tom, Dick or Rosie can’t just climb the stairs and join them. This is so annoying for a Sun seeker like me – in Key West many of their roof top bars and spaces are open to the public so it was a shock!

We did however find some lovely and free to access roof top and balcony bars in the Gay district of New Orleans! Everybody there were so lovely, the music was great and we had the best view of Bourbon street as the sun went down!
Definitely be on the look out for public ones as some of my favourite memories was getting to know Americans on holiday on those balcony bars, drinking Cajun inspired spirits and dancing like an idiot till the sun went down!

Bourbon Street

Of course, you can’t go to New Orleans without visiting Bourbon Street. It’s the main heartbeat, the hub of the place. One long street filled with bars, restaurants, live music, beads being thrown from roof tops and pizza by the slice. I can honestly do it no justice – what I’ve described sounds exactly like the strip in Malia – but Bourbon street is so much more than that!

We went out every night to Bourbon with the aim of going somewhere specific – we never made it. We would end up strolling past somewhere – a bar or restaurant – and hearing an amazing song and being pulled in for an hour. It is a total melting pot of commercial music, old school jazz and rock.

Our first night we spent a lot of time in the Stage Door and The Beach. These two bars are different from each other but similar too. Live bands, good local beers and lots of space to dance like an idiot!

Cafe Du Monde

OK, OK, I know this photo does these beautiful little Beignets – fluffy square shaped donuts covered in powedered sugar  – are the MUST eat food of New Orleans!

This is a standard order, would you believe! Three lovely, light square donuts are served for breakfast alongside things like Cajun Hash, Seafood Crepes or your standard American style breakfast.

It took me and my Fiance an entire day to eat all three. Not even kidding. They’re humungous. Three massive pillows of sweetness. We queued for maybe ten minutes to get these and some breakfast – they are crazy popular and sold all over New Orleans but I would definitely say the best place to get them would be the Cafe Du Monde!

By the way, beignets are pronounced like ben-yays. We looked like idiots when we asked for them!

The food!

The food in New Orleans is amazing. I am definitely one for trying everything! Even though the city is in America, sometimes you’d never know!
We tried things like:

Sea food Crepe
Cajun breakfast
Cajun Hash
Po’ boys
Gumbo – sea food and normal
Loads of Sea Food
Blackened fish

It is a foodie’s paradise!

I can’t wait to visit New Orleans again, next stop for us is Nashville!



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