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Why I Left All Of My Insta Pods

You may remember not so long ago when Instagram decided to Royally screw everybody over! 

Memory a little hazy? Maybe the memory isn’t that at all, but an ongoing battle of producing amazing photos of your brand and getting absolutely nowhere due to the delightful new Algorithm they put in place this year. Those bells are chiming away in your head now, aren’t they? Even if you weren’t a blogger, vlogger of influencer of any kind, your feed and painstaking photography and caption writing skills will have fallen on deaf ears! Yes, the Awful Algorithm stopped loads of us normal people and bloggers from even being seen. 

To fight against this awful (and I’m not being dramatic, I promise!) Algorithm, some bloggers decided to take matters into their own hands. This was an amazing feat for bloggers of all sizes, to stand against the huge Instagram machine and try to be seen.

Soon, Instagram Pods were EVERYWHERE. I even implored people to join them to help boost their Insta Games earlier on this year (you can find that post here!) 

Hell, I joined 6 groups in total! But, here’s a really honest post about why, after only two months, I left them all…

Instagram Pods were basically an idea that you and like minded people would join into a Private Group on Instagram wherein once you had posted to Instagram, you would share it with them and they would give it a like and a comment. And vice versa when they would post. In each pod, there could be as many as 15 people and they could each post twice or three times a day. To which, you must like and comment before contributing your own work.

Just to write it down is tiring. Imagine having to do that twice, even three times a day. Now magnify it by 6 groups. Six groups with at a minimum of 9 people in is a lot of liking and commenting. 

I mean, it’s great. You can instantly see growth on your own Instagram feed and you’re seeing loads of like minded people’s photos and showing some love to receive it back seven-fold. 

It’s exhausting.

But there was so much more to it that deterred me and eventually turned me off and out of my Insta Pods that I’d become so dependent on.

Working full time and blogging is hard enough but having to constantly check Instagram and your every growing Pods to stay up to date with the newest posts, likes and comments was turning into a chore very quickly. Even worse was when you’d do your bit and then someone wouldn’t reciprocate. I mean, in the real world it is nothing but when it becomes a battle to get people to play fair it becomes the opposite of fun.

Watching people’s feeds grow and their listings get higher and higher while you slog away is never fun and I actually found that being part of the Pods made me so much more number conscious.

Blogging, sadly, more and more, is becoming a numbers game. You have to reach that new threshold to even be considered for some blog assignments and jobs and when it is a constant reminder to you that an algorithm is trying to mess with you, all you can see is the numbers – or the lack thereof!

I never started blogging for the numbers. I was inspired for so many reasons and Instagram was a big one for that. I loved seeing the gorgeous photography and how some insane bloggers could make a simple lipstick or hand balm look so elegant and make me want to buy it because it’s surrounded by fairy lights.

That’s when I realised that I’d gone too far with Instagram Pods.

All I was seeing was me fellow Pod friends’ feeds and nothing else. I was missing wicked blogging opportunities and so busy worrying about keeping up and staying on my Instagram schedule that it became like a full time job – on top of the 53 hours I do every week.

I realised that I liked lots of the people in the Pods but didn’t want my feed to be confined to the same outfit posts of the same PR packages 5 of us were getting. I simply didn’t want to like or to comment on someone’s post that I didn’t like or who I found to be rude or who’s blog I ended up not even reading!

Insta for me has always been a creative over flow of my love for blogging, a game to keep up with the amazing photographers I still fancy myself to be and NEVER a numbers game or a stress.

Guys, basically, life is WAY WAY WAY too short to be worrying about these things!

I left all of my Pods on June 23rd and I have not looked back since. I still like and comment on the photos of my Pod pals if they come up on my feed. But, if I don’t like something, that’s it, I simply don’t like it.

I actually finding myself liking more photos now I am “free” and my followers are up massively!

Happy Ending after all and no real sleep lost!

Blogging SHOULD be fun – so, let’s keep it that way, shall we?

Are you in any Insta Pods? Would you consider leaving them or are you happy?






  1. July 24, 2017 / 2:24 pm

    I agree if it is becoming a chore then it is best to leave. I’m only in a couple so it’s not too bad at all.

    Sometimes though I know what you mean about some folk not returning likes/comments but I have met some lovely folk, like yourself, through pods. It’s s good idea in principal but it can be easy so easy for it to take over!

  2. September 19, 2017 / 12:14 pm

    I had a similar experience to you with a blog comment pod- I’d spend ages commenting on posts I wasn’t particularly interested in and found most people didn’t reciprocate with my posts. I’m part of one Instagram pod at the moment which is more even, but there’s no way I could keep on top of 6!

    Alice | Alice In Wonderlust

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