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Twitter Blogging Tips

I LOVE being a blogger. There is literally nothing better in the world for me. It has opened a whole new world to me and has given me the confidence to change so much of my life. I now wake up every single day excited for the day and ready for new challenges! Blogging has become a huge part of my life and because I am in such an incredible place now I want to share with you some tips and tricks on how to grow your Twitter for blogging and start loving your blog as much as I love mine!

Tip Number 1:

Converse. It seems like the most simplest thing to do but honestly chat. Have a good old chat with people on Twitter. At first you may feel like you’re literally talking to yourself and that’s cool. It’ll soon it get easier. I have become like Queen Shoe Horn. I literally shoe horn myself into conversations left right and centre. If you’ve got something to say get in there! The trick to Twitter is to join in and chat. I cannot tell you how many friends I’ve made on Twitter from basically talking to myself!

Tip Number 2:

Join in Twitter chats! They are priceless when it comes to finding new blog friends, blog tips and more! I did a post recently on them with a directory of the best Twitter Blog Posts (find it here) and I can’t tell you the value of them. There are always so many chats going on and you will always meet and find new blog friends. It is so important to chat and converse friends from different domains, themes and more!

Tip Number 3:

Get following! You cannot grow you Twitter until you enter into the community and get following, chatting with and celebrating the bloggers and Tweeters you love! Following other bloggers, brands and more is so important. I am so not into the whole follow-unfollow thing – do it and you will be permanently unfollowed and/or blocked. Same as automated Direct Messages – send them at your peril!

Tip Number 4:

Do not be afraid to talk to big brands, tag them or celebrate them! I literally do it all the time. They love our feedback! They love to know we’re doing out job of plugging away our own blogs and their products. You may even get lucky and get a cheeky RT! Brands and PR companies are brilliant to follow so that you can keep your ear to the ground too!

Tip Number 5:

Promote yourself! I mean, there’s a line. Please don’t spam up my timeline and don’t add links if you’ve not joined in a chat – BUT please do promote your new post or an archived post. I will always stop by at an easily accessible post on my timeline(I’m lazy soz) and if I love a post I’ll go craxy on Twitter about to get it seen! Promote promote promote!

Tip Number 6:

Promote other bloggers! This is so key and great for good karma! I love RTing blog posts and bloggers I love. I love knowing I’ve passed on some blog love to my followers for them to find. I love finding new blogs and RT accounts are my saviour when I’ve got a spare twenty minutes I trawl through them, go on commenting sprees and RT the hell out of loved posts!

Enjoy Twitter, it’s there for fun and for networking! Steer clear of Twitter spats and just have fun!




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