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What to wear for … summer?

I’m sorry … I know I know, it hasn’t been much of a summer yet – well, minus the one hot day everyone melted whilst huddled around the only fan in their workplace.

But, I, like many other girls (I hope) am finding it hard to dress for the weather!

The days I feel brave enough to straighten the hair and whip on a summer dress it drizzles and I end up looking like a seventies chick with a moo moo on.

The days I sensibly go for jeans and a cute tee it is blistering sunshine and I refuse to go near my boyfriend for fear of him slipping off of my sweaty figure.

So, girls, what do we do? Prepare for any weather occasion – bring a contingency outfit for just in cases? Over stuff our beautiful handbags with zip up jumpers instead of the usual heavy (enough) beauty accessories as well as the purse, sun glasses … and God knows whatever else you’ll find in there!?

Instead, I am going to put on my positive pants and hope for a scorcher for the rest of August and maybe even into September. I am going to style out every outfit I wear – whether I end up waterlogged from the rain or sticky from the sweat!

So, let’s hope for sun glasses tan lines and ice cold drinks in the sun from here on in!!