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How to make leopard print classy Pt. 1

A question that I’m sure not everyone has pondered…

Living in the hip age where Instagram is now your beauty bible and how to guide – in an era where you’re feeling scarily insecure about the fifteen year olds in their tiny tank tops and tight jeans – that look way better than you now, let alone awkward spotty fifteen year old you!! Us girls need a little something to help us feel cool and with it.

Enter leopard print nail art.

To all the sceptics reading this, please bare with me. I have not gone on a crazy leopard print binge, just a little hint of sass is all you need. Promise.

Take me this afternoon, for example. Whilst feeling quite sorry for myself following a fairly heavy weekend I decided to impress the man in my life by attempting to divert his attention from my slicked back messy bun and pale make up-less face to an ombre creation of nail art jazzed up with a hint of leopard print on a single finger of each hand.

Photo Credit: LoveRosiee 17.08.15

Good news – it was a roaring success!!

Some not so good news – if you are in a rush, this is not the nail style for you. I have practiced many styles on myself, not all successful, but this one is definitely one of the most time consuming. This is mostly due to the drying factor that needs to be respected – if not you will end up with a sticky rainbow mess of nail varnish that is almost impossible to remove without infecting anything in a five mile radius – coffee table and kooky ornaments beware!!

In my next post I will run you through my favorite and most reliable products to help achieve this look as well as helpful tips so that anyone can try it successfully at home and add that little bit of sass to keep you down with the kids.