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How to make leopard print classy Pt. 2

Success!! The leopard print has not gone unnoticed. I have received so many compliments on how it adds a little sass to my nails and have had lots of people ask me how the look was achieved.

I will share with my lovely bloggers how it was done and what products I use.

Firstly, if you are going to attempt this look you are going to need to set aside a big chunk of time – unless you want to do it intervals, which I sometimes do. For example, I’d apply the base in the morning when I had a spare half hour then apply the ombre that evening after work then possibly wait until the next day to apply the leopard print. All of this is because you can ruin the look by being too hasty and applying each layer onto not quite set nail polish which would mean you’d have to start from scratch – not a good place to be!

First step, get yourself some good quality nail varnish. I swear by Barry M and Rimmel. It is imperative that you file, buff and shape your nails regularly if you plan on changing nail style as often as I do (weekly at the least – I like to experiment!). Invest in a clear base coat – Barry M’s Base coat, Topcoat and Hardener All In One is my saviour. Apply liberally.

Next, for these sorts of style I always use a white base. This really helps the colours pop and protects them a little more from chipping. Apply this base coat – don’t go crazy and make each layer thick and gloopy – really take your time and add a thin layer evenly each time.

Once the base has tried it’s time to get a bit daring. You need a sponge to best achieve this look. I prefer to use a household sponge from any hardware store rather than a makeup sponge as I feel they suck up most of the nail polish, making you add more and making the entire thing more time consuming and more expensive.

On your sponge paint a stripe of each colour – in this case I’ve used Barry M’s Limited Edition Purple then Blue Moon followed by Asscher Blue. In between applying the sponge to your nail you may need to add more nail polish to the sponge but the more you practice the more you’ll get a feel for it.

Sponge ready? Dab across the nail. Simple as that. Dab more for a darker more defined look or less for a simpler and more subtle look.

Once the ombre look has dried fully, get yourself a bobby pin. Pull the pin out of shape and use the tip with the bobble on to dab into the black nail polish. Then simply add your leopard print style.

To finish add a clear top coat for extra protection. It’s as simple as that!!

Have fun creating!!