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Fullips Lip Plumper Review

What, in your opinion, has been one of the biggest trends to come out of the huge beauty sphere this last year? Big eye brows? Contouring? Strobing? Or the monster that is FULLER LIPS!? Yep, you guessed it – I’m going all Kylie Jenner on you and treating my teeny tiny lips to the instant plumping of a Fullips plumper! If you know me at all, you’ll know that I am HONEST! SO, get ready for a laugh!

kylie jenner lips

Whether you love or hate this trend – it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere! Yes, Queen Kylie helped it storm into the public eye but massive brands such as MAC are helping it become a permanent beauty feature! These days, if you aren’t Instagramming your latest Teddy Boy shade – you are, like, nothing!

There is a sinister side to this trend though. Those sweet young girls who are so desparate to fit in have done all sorts of things in the name of beauty in order to gain the perfect pout. One of which horrifies me – sucking their dainty little lips inside glass bottles for minutes at a time to ensure their lips become bruised and swollen to give the impression of fuller lips. Not to mention the huge rise in lip fillers from girls of all ages – that are, actually, readily available! No longer is it taboo to go under the knife or have a non-invasive treatment to perk up your face – now, it’s advertised all over Instagram and talked about and offered as if it was a day at the Spa. Scary really!

And, I am not an exception. I was not blessed with full, shapely lips – and my God have I felt terrible about that fact! At the age of 23, I have seriously considered nipping and tucking my little lips in the name of, well, vanity! Even when people tell me I’m ridiculous – I’m not gonna lie, it’s crossed my mind!

So, in my quest for non-invasive and irreversible changes and as an aside to share with you lovely lot on here, my corner of the internet, I embarked on lots of research and how I could achieve the fuller lipped look!

Enter, Fullips. A very accessible company with lots of information readily available with every purchase. You can read up about them here – and they’re purchasable from many places – I bought mine from a lovely little company called Born Pretty.

in box

So, for not a very expensive price, this little thing landed on my doorstep. As Born Pretty is based in some far off land, it did take maybe 2/3 weeks to arrive – but I feel it was worth the wait. It’s a dainty little box that has the medium sized lip plumper (I chose this one as my lips are sooo small so didn’t want to go too crazy and look awful!) with reems and reems of information inside. The little leaflet is so informative and really put my mind at risk that I was so excited to try the product! And confident that any side effects would either be self inflicted, for example from over doing it and causing bruising, or from being, well, an idiot. It was fool proof so I was chuffed!

before plump

So, here’s my before picture. As you can see, I’ve got really small, slim lips. They are thin and not plumped at all – so I was expecting good things!

Needless to say, my bloody lips are so small, I could barely use the lip plumper at first! I laugh about this now, but come on! Give a girl a break! It’s hilarious! So, it took some practice and some perseverance to get comfortable with the product in order to see an results!

Basically, you have to put it on the edge of your lips and suck – but the product should not cause pain or discomfort – if it does, you’re doing it wrong so should take it off and try it again. Obviously, because of my pathetic lack of lip, it took me some time to get the desired effect!

 Once I was comfy with the product and could use it properly with my tiny lips, I was able to see instant results!

straight after plump

So, as hilarious as this looks, I know I know, it’s ridiculous! This is the immediate effect of using Fullips.

Now, it takes time – you cannot just sucker this little bad boy on your face like an Octopus and it’ll make instant results. You need to work up amounts of time it is on you in order to avoid bruising. So, this photo was taken after having used the product a couple days in a row, maybe whilst doing finishing touches to hair and make up, in small intervals, gradually growing by seconds at a time. This look took me four to five days to get – and you can see there is no redness or bruising around my lips, so it was done properly!

hour after plump

This photo, however, was taken a full hour after using my Fullips lip plumper. And, although the huge swell has mostly settled down, my lips look much fuller and, most importantly, more natural and fit with my face! And, I have to say, I think I look quite nice! I am really impressed that with practice and the building up use of the product, I am able to acheive the look I so strived for.

This look lasts, for me, around 2/3 hours. This is because I am still building up the tolerance to the product. This means that it is great for instant selfies but not so good for going out – who wants to bring their lip plumper out for cocktails!? But, once I am able to maintain a healthy amount of suction on my face, my tolerance to fuller lips will last longer.

The key with this product really is PATIENCE.

I would recommend this product to anyone thinking of getting something more drastic done in the name of beauty as it is reversible and although it looks bloody hilarious at first, once it dies down you get the desired effect!

Have you tried to get fuller lips? Has it worked for you?





  1. March 10, 2016 / 2:36 pm

    I’ve been waiting to see a proper review on one of these for ages! I too have very thin lips and feel even more self conscious of them now that fuller lips are so big (no pun intended). This looks great though, it really suits you and sounds pretty easy to use. I think I’m going to invest! Thanks for sharing. xx

    Charlotte | Just Charlotte

    • Rosie
      March 10, 2016 / 9:07 pm

      Ah fellow small lipped person!! You know my pain! Honestly as long as you are sensible with it it is a life saver!! Take some time to see how your body reacts and then world is your full lipped poster!

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