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Body Shop Wishlist

When you imagine a brand that is cruelty free, soothing to your skin, inexpensive and popular … who do you picture? If it isn’t The Body Shop that pops straight into your head then sit back and enjoy my Wishlist post of their lovely range – you will fall in love with them just like I have! The Body Shop have always been a firm highstreet favourite of mine – and many others, of course, but since I embarked on my blogging journey last September, I have fallen hook, line and sinker for their gorgeous cruelty free bits!

Enjoy my Body Shop Wishlist!

bodyshop rose collectionFirstly, how could I have wishlist on my blog without adding at least one item from their gorgeous British Rose selection. Clue for you… I LOVE roses! I swear by body butters – especially in Summer where your skin is possibly prickly and sore from those rays, and this Rose essence version is perfect! It’s so creamy and luxurious but not heavy or sticky. Perfect for putting in your suitcase for that trip away! It is also a steal at this price!

bodyshop rose exfoliate

Following my favourite theme of roses – I had to pick another thing from the Body Shop’s British Rose Range! This gorgeous Rose exfoliating soap is perfect for wiping off those loose layers of tired, damaged skin while on your holibobs! The most gorgeous bit about this product is it actually contains real rose petals LUSH eat your heart out! I have stolen my Mum’s exfoliating soap recently and oh my goodness, after a good scrub did my skin feel soft and shiny?! It is one of the BEST exfoliator so0pas I’ve ever used – definitely the best smelling!

bodyshop pina colada

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple months, you’ll know all about the Body Shop’s new GORGEOUS Pinita Colada range! A couple of my lovely blog friends were able to go to a Body Shop event to trial these – I was beyond jealous!! If you know me at all, you’ll know two things: 1. I am addicted to moisturizer 2. I love cocktails! Therefore, I am in LOVE with this gorgeous Body Sorbet – it’s got a gorgeous scent and it is so creamy and moisturizing! My dream come true!

bodyshop pina range

Similarly, this is from the Pinita Colada range and is a dream on your nostrils! In case you missed it – I am addicted to moisturizer and have so many products but a couple more wont hurt! The best bit about this body butter – other than it smelling like a beach holiday – is that it is so light weight. Last thing you want after a long hot day by the pool being all sticky and gross is to lather yourself in greasy cream. Well, this is the exact opposite!

bodyshop bb cream

If you’ve been following my blog or my social media channels at all, you’ll know how much I am constantly raving about BB Cream! I am using it instead of foundation at the moment and my skin has never felt better. So, when a couple of my blog friends were chatting about the Body Shop’s BB Creams I had to add one to my wishlist! This one has little pockets of pigment that blend to your skin tone once it’s applied! The reason why I LOVE BB Cream so much is because it’s basically make up with the added skin care bonuses!

bodyshop cuticle oil

Last on my Body Shop Wishlist is this amazing Almost Nail and Cuticle Oil. Those of you who aren’t first timers here on LoveRosiee will know that I am fanatical about nail care and nail art. This oil is one that I have used lots but have recently ran out of (cry). The good thing about this oil is the pen like shape of the applicator – it’s an all-in-one job! It is so soothing on sore nails and the results can be seen almost straight away. If you do your nails half as much as me, you NEED to invest in this little bad boy!

What would be on your Body Shop Wishlist?




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