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Hour Glass Figure 2016 Style

It’s 2016. Women can vote, puppies are the new babies, Instagram can make you famous and we are in the midst of a massive fashion throwback! Those fashions that once were, are rearing their heads again and again and influencing the catwalk and our high street stores – one such trend that has catapulted back into the 21st Century is the Hour Glass Figure. I love fashion and as this is a trend that calls out to all my curvy sisters I am especially in love with this one! Enjoy my Hour Glass Figure 2016 Style!

“From the ladylike full skirt and nipped waist silhouette to our continuing fascination with pastels. ’50s style has become timeless”

The 1950s saw the birth of the infamous hourglass figure enhanced by the whale bone corsets. Something that is often frowned upon and regarded as old fashioned in this day and age. Back then, the biggest fashion and film icon was Marilyn Monroe who boasted measurements of 37,23,27 – a much sought after figure with a tiny synched in waist and larger voluptuous hips and breasts.

pintrest marylin


Back in the day, women squeezed and manipulated their bodies inside tiny little corsets and adjusted them daily to enhance their hourglass figure.

This year, especially since we’ve seen the back of Awards Season across the pond in America, a huge boost in hourglass figure clothing has become readily available on the high street. And a resurgence in loving your curves and embracing your thicker thighs and large assets is now big!

Take the queen of curves, Kim Kardashian-West. She is forever Instagramming photos of her tiny waist and larger assets – channel the booty. Her clothing this season, since dropping all of her baby weight, has seen a lot sheer (showing off larger knickers and giving an illusion of hourglass) and uber clingy materials that show off every little curve that she has.

kimmy k instagram

Now, this trend is available for us mere mortals! If you look on any of the good online stores you’ll notice a lot more clingy summer dresses and dresses for nights out!

I love this trend and think it’s a great way to embrace what we have! Curves should always be in fashion – I love embracing the healthy gains and womanly figure. I have never had a skinny frame and woke up with big boobs at the age of 10. It was a shock at first but then my hips arrived. I have stretch marks from growing into the woman I am today and although I moan and groand and always try ot trim down, I think it’s more of a healthy goal to be curvy than to be a slave ot the gym and eat miminal. I will never be skinny and that’s ok!

Back in the early 20th Century, a small waist and larger bust and bottom meant fertility and beauty in a woman. As a teenager I was always told I had “child baring hips” as if that was something to be proud of. Now at the grand old age of 24 I am proud of my hips, saddle bags and belly. And this fashion trend is one that will help us all love our curves!

Next up, I will be sharing my top high street picks for the Hourglass Figure trend!

Stay tuned!




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