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Wear your Crown

crownbrush meme pintrest


Hands up who loves make up? Whether it’s a brave face you’re putting on or a moment of pure indulgence – make up is such a creative art form for girls and boys at the moment. Make up has gone from being a practical necessity for day to day looks to an expression of art, creativity and female adoration and celebration. In the small amount of years I’ve been experimenting with make up, it has totally transformed in the media, from the high end brands with their sleek packaging to the Instagram pages devoted to tutorials of the best looks. Even Halloween make up is a massive industry now! So, if you are to keep up to date with all of the trends like contouring, strobing, non-touring and sun stripping, you need the very best kit! Enter Crown Brush! If you would like to see my First Impressions Crown Brush post click here!

crownbrush label

So, as you probably know, I have been trialling this gorgeous set of brushes in the last couple of weeks. If you’ve visited my little blog before you’ll know I am a big beauty addict and I am constantly trying my hand at all the new trends and beauty buys. I love contouring and highlighting but my big pit fall is not being very good at eye make up. It is such a luxury to have these gorgeous sturdy brushes from Crown to help make my look the best it could possibly be – a big win for this beauty blogger!

crownbrush selfie

I love to experiment with make up but my ultimate favourite look has got to be contouring. Since it broke onto the internet last Autumn, it’s all I do for a big night out! This is the look I went for when trialling Crown. A simple but effective contouring look with a heavy liquid eye liner look on my lids. Neutral lips and long loose hair.

I used all of my favourite Crown Brushes for this look. Yes, it is simple compared to other amazing beauty bloggers out there but it works for me!

crownbrush flatlay

These gorgeous brushes are so soft but sturdy. We all know we can go a bit mad with that bronzer and blusher once we’ve had a few G&Ts but the handles are tightly gripped onto the brushes which is great – and rare! They aren’t at all bristly or rough – much needed on your sensitive skin, especially for the eye area. My favourite – beyond favourite – brush of all the set has got to be the badger fan brush perfect for highlighting.

crown selfie

I love highlighting and it’s a trend that has taken over the internet and Instagram – if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, google rainbow highlighter! This amazing little fan brush is so perfect! It works like a charm and the look was set all night!crown flatlay

Make up is a girls best friend and with Crown you’ll never go a day without looking flawless!

crownbrush crownbrush with compact crownbursh flatlay2

I have fallen in LOVE with Crown and I will not be using other brushes anytime soon! They are the BEST make up brushes I’ve ever used and from one beauty blogger to another, or any of your who relish getting made up and pampering yourself, you need to get your hand son a set from Crown!

crownbrush flatlay




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