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The Non-Surgical Face Lift

This subject has been widely covered in places like OK! Magazine, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar and it’s all over social media. The Nip/tuck subject and non-invasive procedures are big business right now. With the help of Kylie Jenner and those unnatural lips and other celebrites whose propertions seem to change within a blink of an eye –  the culture of changing, tweaking and sculpting your bits and bobs is hot on the horizon.  The Chin Up Mask is a non-invasive non-surgical face lift. Here I am reviewing it, and get ready some home truths!

chinup flatlay

This little contraption was sent to me this week by the lovely people over at Chin Up Mask. I had to get my hands on it when I found out it had been featured in such massive publications to see what all the fuss is about. I had all sorts of images in my head – I kept thinking of those weird and wonderful inventions from China … like the loo roll on your head for when you get a sniffle!

Needless to say, I was very relieved when this arrived! This tiny little box promises to change your chin game for ever! All for a measly 30 minutes twice! I was excited to have a go, a little nip and a tuck here and there never hurt anyone right!? All in the name of the blog and beauty!

chin up masks

Inside the box is a the chin strap. Yes it is ridiculously bright and out there colour but this contraption is not meant for public trialling! With it came two cotton face masks, only large enough to cover your chin/Jowell area. A little tape measure was also provided to measure your before and after.

chin up creams

To use this mask and get the best results you must do as follows:

  • clean and dry your chin/neck area where the masks will be placed and held onto your skin
  • unpack the cotton face sheet, be careful it’s moist and cold!
  • gently place the cotton face sheet onto the problem area – but make sure you DO NOT get the liquid on your lips as it will burn and sting!
  • secure the cotton face mask just like you would a normal one – I squidged mine down for an extra hope of firmness but it’s easy to apply
  • unfold the Chin Up Mask and untangle the Velcro so as not to get it stuck in your hair
  • place the belted area under your chin
  • pull the straps tightly up and around your head
  • position the holes so that your ears can pop out
  • secure so it is comfy but doing the job
  • leave for 30 minutes
  • once your 30 minutes are up, gently take it off (be careful of tangled hairs in the Velcro) and unstrap the mask
  • peel off the cotton face mask
  • gently rub in the residue left from the mask
  • wash your face
  • give your chin a measurethe chinup mask

    As hilarious as this trial has been … for my boyfriend, I actually got really good results! Once I’d finished my trial and completed my two half hour stints using the Mask, I lost a grand totally of 4cm on my chin/neck area! I didn’t know I had that much to lose but I was pretty chuffed with myself afterwards! As much as I don’t neccesarily agree with the nipping and tucking culture because of always feeling inadequate, this mask wasn’t all that bad!

    I have considered using this mask without the cotton face sheets as a way of keeping the centimetres off and I have considered letting others borrow it to see if their results are as good as mine!

    My blog has really opened up a world where I get to try out lots of werid and whacky things all in the name of beauty. And, as much as I’d laughed at the suggestion of such a contraption, I’m really rather chuffed with it all! I am converted! I like how it’s sculpted my face and that I really didn’t have to do anything except restrict my speaking for half an hour – something you can imagine my lovely boyfriend was only too happy about!

    In the culture where contouring is massive, strobing and sculpting is the new biggest thing when it comes to make up and fashion, the hour glass figure and sculpted muscles are about to hit back at skinny, this mask and strap is right up there with the trends. It doesn’t hurt and it does give you results.

    Win win in my book!

    You can get your hands on the Chin Up Mask here – I dare you. Step out of the scared and silly box and enter into a world of trying new things and embracing the odd for the results they’ll give!



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