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Miss Beauty | First Impressions

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I LOVE a bargain! I am officially a bargain blogger! I love nothing more than getting something for a steal and making the most of it! I totally own this status and though I know I’m no match for those gorgeous bloggers forever reviewing MAC lipsticks and Charlotte Tilbury bits, I love finding little gems that I can share with you all! Life is about treating yourself – but doesn’t it feel better when you know you’ve got something for a fraction of the price!? So, you lucky lot, I have found the make up bargain of the century! Here is my First Impressions of Miss Beauty.

mb marble

Miss Beauty is a bargain brand of make up for those of us on a budget. They’re new line has hit headlines recently because each piece they have is sold for £1. Yep, £1. They’ve been all over newspapers and beauty posts and even the Daily Mail have got in on the action!

Miss Beauty’s inexpensive line is being sold at Poundworld – so you can pick it up on your lunch break or on a full on shopping trip! This brand is going to rival those bigger make up brands that insist you go into your overdraft just for an eye shadow palette! I know that I’d rather!

miss beauty

First thing’s first. The packaging is LOVELY! I’d be happy to whip this out anywhere as it is so girly and dainty. I love the Union Jack motif and the muted black tones are on point and in keeping with lots of bits already in my make up bag! I love how clear the branding is and how they are shouting that they’re a home grown brand with London printed just below the logo.

I love the foundation! It’s so lightweight and not greasy at all. I often struggle to find good foundations that are light but this one is exactly that! It’s perfect for the summer season as it’s so lightweight and easy to blend! There’s lots of choices of shades too! I can really see this foundation going in my holiday make up set!

The powder is also gorgeous. It blends really well with either a blending sponge or wedge sponge. It has a matte effect and I have felt less sticky and gross by the end of the night just using the powder to set my face!

mb mascara

The mascara is a smaller wand than I am used to but it does the trick for a reliable waterproof mascara – which are like gold dust! I like the blue colour as it reminds me of my teenage years when I thought blue mascara was the best thing since sliced bread! Luckily, 90’s Rosie has grown up so this black mascara is perfect!

I was also sent some liquid eye liner! I’m yet to use it as of yet – Summer, my impatience and liquid eye liner are not mixing well right now. But I will be trying all of this make up and making a make up look using Miss Beauty coming very soon!

So, that’s my First Impressions of Miss Beauty! Would you give this brand a go, knowing the price?





  1. June 3, 2016 / 10:30 am

    I never look at the beauty section in poundworld as tbh I never trusted it. I mean £1 for foundation! But then again if it was sold in Superdrug/or Boots I wouldn’t hesitate. Love this post. I will now have a browse next time I’m there.

    Jasmine x

    • Rosie
      June 3, 2016 / 11:36 am

      I know!! It’s such a steal! And it’s good quality!!

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