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Polish, Poise and Pout

You may have stumbled upon my recent pouty-post all about my first impressions of Dee&Co’s Perfect Pout (find it here) and you may be wondering, where are the results?! Did it work? Am I basically Kylie Jenner now? Have my lips been more kissable? Did it even work? Well, you lovely lot, pop open some wine, get out in that glorious sunshine and get ready to find out … enjoy my Polish, poise and POUT post featuring Dee&Co’s Perfect Pout.


 So, if you know me at all, you’ll know that I have the smallest little lips. They are so embarrassing. No gloss or lipstick works on me and I have seriously considered fillers (except for that I’m poor and the boyfriend would massively disapprove). I have a real complex about them – probably highlighted more because bigger, fuller lips are massive right now. Fellow bloggers are forever going on and on about the best lip tint, colour … should it be matte or popping? Well, little old me, I’m just rocking the lip balm and hoping people don’t notice.

That’s why a product like the Perfect Pout is so relevant and so important! Young girls are feeling s*** about their appearance and thinking about drastic and often detrimental fixes like cosmetic surgery – both invasive and non-invasive. But, with a product like Perfect Pout and with the correct and safe application, lots of young girls and people worried about their lack of lip can get a quick fix without applying too much damage.

snapchat pout

Here’s my using me Perfect Pout with pride. When using this piece of equipment you must follow the instructions carefully to avoid skin breakage and bruising. This is something you need to work up a tolerance to, you can’t just suck it on your face, leave it there and have perfectly plumped lips. Your tolerance needs to be built up sensibly and this product should NEVER hurt!

snapchat dee&co

I worked up my use over a period of just under a week. First I started using my product for around 20 seconds each time. These first occasions my lips didn’t plump at all – but that’s ok!

Within a couple of days I was able to build my tolerance up to around 40-50 seconds a time. This is to avoid that nasty bruising around your lips that can come from too much suction.

By the time I was ready to shoot with the Perfect Pout Lip Plumper and show off the insane results, I’d built my tolerance up to around one and half minutes.

As you can see from my Snaps, I used the medium oval version both normally and sideways to enhance that cupid’s bow at the front.

dee&co after

So, here I am as the Lip Plumper had just popped off. As you can see, with due care and tolerance building, I’ve been able to use the product without even a hint of bruising or redness!

I love the results! And, because I built up my tolerance slowly and sensibly the results end up lasting for longer and longer each time.

I loved how plumped and cushiony my lips felt and lots of people were noticing – maybe from my massive confidence boost!

dee&co after2

I was so thrilled with my results that I let my mum and sisters trial it out! They also suffer from the smaller lips (I guess it’s genetic) and the product worked so well for them too!

I also know people who are slightly more gifted than I am in that department and they see lush results using this brand of Lip Plumpers!


So, what do I think of this product?

I LOVE it! It is the best of it’s kind that I have had the pleasure of using! It really does work – with the correct and safe application! It is soft and durable and does exactly what it says on the tin. It is also the perfect size to use/have on while you finish your hair and/or make up. It is perfect!

I am not only in love but addicted! I’ve not upped my tolerance too much more as the effects are perfect for the amount of time I need to take a good selfie and start enjoying my evening … once a couple of cocktails have gone down I start to care less and dance more!

You can get your hands on this amazing little plumper here!




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