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Hourglass Top Picks

Let’s all raise a glass to those fashionistas out there who’ve reprised the Hourglass and let it flood our high street. Thank you – you lovely people! Yes, that’s right; after my recent Hourglass Figure post I have searched the internet and found some lovely picks for this trend. It wasn’t a tough job – this trend is everywhere this season! So, I have gone and picked some faves from my two fave online stores: Missguided and Boohoo. Enjoy my Hourglass Top Picks!

marilyn hourglass

First up, I’m featuring Missguided!

missguided4 missguided3 missguided2 missguided

All of these gorgeous picks are perfect for accentuating what you’ve got. And girls, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! The synched in waist is a classic representation of the hour glass figure and the bikini is perfect for someone with an emerging hourglass figure as it will give the illusion of extra curves.

All of these outfits celebrate and enhance your waist and bottom and boobs! They are all on trend and on budget! They are perfect for all occasions! Playsuit for a BBQ/Pub garden, white dress for a Summer night out, crochet bikini for your summer holiday and black bodycon to slay on that dance floor!

The lace up effect and crochet are also big trends this summer so two birds, one stone and all that!

Boohoo also have some gorgeous bits!

boohoo3 boohoo2 boohoo

These three dresses really show off your best bits. The subtle pinks and blasting reds are perfect for this season (if the sun would ever shine that is – I am writing this as I sit in two blankets and fluffy socks … in July!) Again, these dresses are very figure hugging – a must for lots of hourglass outfits of the norm this season. I don’t always go for figure hugging or bodycon as BBQs usually mean crisps and I like food! But, a synched in wasit from a simple belt on a dress does the trick too.

These gorgeous outfits are for the more brave among us – go you! The gorgeous peachy pink bodycon is so on trend with its crochet look and layered haltered length on the leg! The “cold shoulder” dress is gorgeous and perfect for Summer holidays – I just see this on a Tapas night in sunny Spain! And the floral number is perfect for any time this summer!

The illusion of a tiny waist is so easy to fake with outfits form both stores and each outfit can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

The “cold shoulder” or bardot trend is massive this season – look out for a post featuring this trend coming real soon on LoveRosiee!

What do you think of the throwback to the hourglass figure? Is it something you’re going to introduce into your summer wardrobe?




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