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Story Telling with Ted Baker

Jewellery adds richness … another layer of storytelling – Kelly Frammel

What is jewellery to you? Take a look at what Jewellery4 has to offer and what story they are telling this Summer season…

ted baker flatlay

When you leave this Earth what would you like your story to be? One of modesty, love and kindness? A thrill-ride scattered with trinkets and funny shenanigans? The best way to tell your story is with jewellery – whether it be simple and understated or brash and in your face, it tells people where you’ve been and where you’re headed. This week on LoveRosiee I am telling stories with Ted Baker Jewellery from Jewellery4.

ted baker marble background

If Ted Baker and Jewellery4 could tell a story with these dainty gold cuffs I think it would be one of a young woman on the cusp of something great. The delicate bracelets, each embellished with blue or black pigments in flower motifs, sit on that private and discreet part of your wrist loved by those Victorian erotic novelists. They sit proudly, showing off their gorgeous flower designs, not happy to be shoved under the t shirt – they need to be seen!

ted baker8

Neat and refined, a real show stopper for the girl out there who wants to give everyone a hint of what’s next to come.

Because, all jewellery tells a story. Whether it’s the watch you lovingly had engraved for your 21st Birthday gift, the ring your oldest friend bought and kept secret for months or the initial necklace you never take off because of it’s amazing powers in the luck stakes.

Plenty of my fellow bloggers have this same conversation on a regular basis. Jewellery isn’t just something you shove on as a last minute thought, it’s an imprint. You’ve imprinted your own identity and memories into it and it represents so much!

ted baker3

For me, on the brink of new and exciting adventures, these elegant black flowers represent saying goodbye to those past stresses and finding something so beautiful and unique about it all. The design and sturdiness of such a small bracelet is the story of me, a small person about the embark on the big wide world, scared but completely held together by one strand of something strong.

ted baker5

What does jewellery signify to you? Is it a flash back to a memory or a portal into new stories and exciting adventures?

With these bangles on my wrist, I will be ready to take on any challenge and remember where I’ve come from! I couldn’t recommend Jewllery4 anymore for all your favourite jewellery bits! They are so lovely and helpful and they have so much choice to pick from featuring lots of different brands including Karen Millen and Simon Harrison to name but a few. Their website is so easy to access and use and perfect for the best picks of the season!

ted baker2 ted baker5 ted baker4

Which one is your favourite?

You can get your hands on these gorgeous bits and other amazing jewellery here!




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