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Mermaid Nails

Got a Summer Goal? Here’s mine!

tumblr mermaid

So, Summer is finally here and people seem to be finally embracing my inner want to become a gorgeous Mermaid. In fact, people not only see what I mean but they are embracing the Mermaid within themselves and Mermaid designs are popping up everywhere! Last year it was Pineapples … this year is the year of Rosie … oh and Mermaids! Yes, for as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a Mermaid! The Little Mermaid was the soundtrack to my childhood, I’ve always had long flowy hair and although I am not the strongest swimmer the only place you’ll find me on holiday is in the pool … or at the bar!

So, imagine my pleasure when I saw on Pintrest and Tumblr that Mermaid Nails is a thing! And me, loving nail art! What are the chances!? So, here is my chance to show my love and appreciation for my inner Mermaid by celebrating the amazing Mermaid Nails on Pintrest and I PROMISE I will be trying some mermaid designs out very soon for some tutorials that I know are loved!

mermaid nails1


mermaid nails5

mermaid nails6

mermaid nails2

mermaid nails 4

So much love for all these styles. The Mermaid style is actually very diverse and I am so excited to try out some of these designs. There are lots of wicked things online right now that will help achieve these looks too and for all for reasonable prices. Los of these looks can be achieved with the products you probably already have at home but stencils and the little gems and shells can be found online and I find Born Pretty and Amazon to be perfect for them!

pintrest mermaid

I love the Mermaid trend! Do you?

Coming up, I will be trialling some of these looks very soon for some tutorial posts so stay tuned!




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