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7 Steps to Summer

Just as you have energy centres in your body called Chakras, so too does Mother Earth

Summer and fashion go hand in hand, be it the new floral craze, the bardot trend or those Adidas trainers that I can’t seem to get my hands on, Summer is always a beacon of fashion! Innerstand are an amazing brand I’ve been connecting with for some time on Summer fashion. You guys need to check them out – their store is still new-ish but it has so much on it that my basket gets bigger every time I visit them! Their store is simple but perfect and I know that they are going to go crazy over autumn – watch this space. The item I saw to review was a no brainer and, shackled in rainbow coloured Chakras I knew it would be beyond-easy to write my 7 Steps to Summer with Innerstand!

inner stand motif

I love a simple white t shirt for anytime of year, really. The biggest selling point of this shirt is that, firstly it’s men’s and secondly the gorgeous Chakras motif on the back! It is so colourful and beautiful I had to have it! It really pops against the plain white t shirt and I knew as soon as I saw it on the Innerstand that I had to get my hands on it!

The motif on the back are the Seven Chakras that Hindus believe help energy enter the body and bring us happiness and filled lives. They hold a lot of spiritual power and while I’m not a Hindu I thought that Innerstand have done a beautiful job of representing these gorgeous beliefs!

innr stand shirt

This white t-shirt has become my summer staple. I love a good t-shirt and don’t get to wear them enough. Seeing as though the weather this summer has been rubbish, I’ve depended on this t-shirt more than I’d even imagined! It’s such a breathable and soft material that even when the sunshine rears its head for five minute intervals, I remained cool and stylish!

I have used this t-shirt so much and my lovely boyfriend has tried to steal it on more occasions than I can count! It is a man’s shirt so it is slightly big on me but he looks mighty fine in it too!

blogging in innnerstand

It’s become one of the wardrobe staples of “just in case”. I bring it outside with me on the sunniest of days. just in case it clouds over. I bring it town with my in my bag, just in case it rains. I have it with me once I’ve gotten ready for bed in my summer pjs, just in case I get chilly while watching Celebrity Big Brother in the living room!

It’s so comfy and perfect for all of these occasions – a must have for our abysmal English summers that cannot be depended on! Rain all weekend and as soon as you poodle into the office on Monday it’s brilliant sunshine and record heats – ring a bell!?

I have come to depend on this white t shirt – and come Autumn when this wind will whip up and the jeans will come back out of the wardrobe, this will continue to be my staple! A simple but lovely piece of clothing that wont break the bank, from a lovely company who are so attentive and really care about their products!

I know, come the end of September I’ll be hopping over to Innerstand to get my hands on of their cosy beanie hats ready for that perfect Autumn blogger selfie! Keep your eyes peeled for this lovely brand, bloggers and non-bloggers alike!

You can find Innerstand and their gorgeous products by hitting this link!




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