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The Soho Perfect Serve

She had a cocktail in her hand & confetti in her hair – Kate Spade

 Hands up, who loves cocktails? If your perfect Friday night sounds a lot like singing Raining Men at the top of your lungs while slinging down a Porn Star Martini then this is the post for you! Click on my Soho Juice Company link and you will fall in love – just like I did when I heard of them from many of my fellow bloggers. As a blogger, and you guys may know too, if a brand or product is loved and spoken about frequently by bloggers – you’ve got to get involved and see what all the hype is about! Luckily, to tease you cocktail lovers, I’ve got my hands on some amazing products from Soho Juice Company ready to show you your perfect Friday night cocktail – The Soho Perfect Serve!soho juice flatlay

The Soho Juice Company is a fairly new company – so take a breather if you’ve only just heard of them! They were founded in 2014 in Soho, London. They’ve stuck to their original dream of making a cucumber based juice that would be paired perfectly with cocktails and made into that perfect summer tipple! And, if you’re a fruity/citrus cocktail lover (everyone around me seems to be right now!) then this is right up your street!

So, the lovely people over at Soho Juice sent me over their starter pack (the contents you can see in the photo above) which contained their special remedy of Soho Juice – made out of all the good stuff like cucumber, limes, lemon and mint! I was also gifted some small bottles like my favourite brand of gin, tequila and martini.

My first impressions screamed summer drinks – citrus and minty, the taste of the juice itself is something very close to a mojito. That’s what makes this product perfect – if you love mojitos you’ve got the baseline in the juice then add different alcohols to give it as many twists as you like! Sounds like my ultimate boozy summer!

soho juice bottle

So, get ready for Friday by checking out their best cocktail for summer! The Soho Perfect Serve!

soho perfect serve3

This cocktail is so easy and has an amazing taste!

Firstly, get your hands on a good quality glass – I’m a standard blogger and out all my cocktails in mason jar glasses and it looked gorgeous!

Raid your freezer for both some ice cubes to put in the bottom then crushed ice (if you need to bang the bag on the floor 49674 times to get your rage out then please do) to put over the top to keep your cocktail cool

You will need:

Soho Juice

50ml of Gin (I may or may not have used more)

10ml of fresh lemon juice – or to taste for you citrus freaks

Soda to top it off

soho perfect serve

Step 1:

Fill one third of your glass with ice cubes, leave them in their to fully cool the glass down to optimal summer refreshness!

Step 2:

Pour your gin into your glass carefully not to spill!

Step 3:

Add the correct amount of Soho Juice – it’s quite a tarte, fresh flavour so, again do it to taste for ultimate summer vibes!

Step 4:

Top it off with Soda water and get that freshly crushed ice and top it off. You can garnish it with a slice of your favourite citrus fruit if you wish (I didn’t have time as I was parched after all that!)

soho erfect serve1

So simple and oh so tasty! Channel your inner summer bean, get out in that garden, get the BBQ heating up and sit back and enjoy every sip of Soho Juice! The Soho Perfect Serve is the ultimate summer cool down – it is so tasty that it almost seems like there’s no alcohol in but has that little kick to remind you as an after taste!

It is such a refreshing and clean drink – no red wine lips or sugar coated teeth with this bad boy!

Happy Summer from me and from The Soho Juice Company!



** Please Drink Responsibly**


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