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Tap Tap Tap

Love of Beauty is Taste. The Creation of Beauty is Art.

Did you know… you’ve probably been applying your concealer wrong this whole time? Concealer is big business now with contouring, non-touring, highlighting and strobing, your concealer game needs to be strong to gain the best look, the best selfies, the best products! We all know that a good prime and concealer can be the making of a great make up day and if you’re a LoveRosiee fan you’ll know I am a lover of value but results! So, let me help you up your concealer game … this is my take on the newly named “Tap Tap Tap” Concealer Method!

crownbrush selfie

So, hands up who is guilty of blobbing/dotting concealer under your eye area, leaving it to sit while you sort your life out, then smudging it in willy nilly? Well, you aren’t alone! So many beauty bloggers I have spoken to apply theirs like this. My mum and sisters taught me to do my make up in this exact way. All the way up to the grand old age of 23 I used this method to apply my concealer.

Well … this is wrong!

crownbrush label

The RIGHT way to apply your concealer for the nest and more lasting effect is like this:

prime your face with a good make up primer – people swear by Nivea Shaving balm and I like Rimmel’s Primer!

make sure your face is moisturized and ready to apply make up as you usually would

gently apply strips of your concealer in a triangular shape under your eyes – you can be generous with this, I literally go Clown and apply a huge triangle from my eye bags to the bottom of my nose!

this bit is important – DO NOT use any sort of sponge to apply your concealer!

That’s right – you MUST use your Ring finger to dab/tap gently away at your under eye area to blend your concealer

you MUST be gentle with this – this area of your face is super sensitive and if the skin is pulled around too much there could be lasting damage! I really gently apply a tiny amount of primer onto my ring finger and I tenderly tap away at my concealer to gain full coverage!

flash in flatlay

If you are shocked or don’t believe me there is a really old make up tutorial that is quite famous for this trend now!

Find it here!

So, there you have it! So simple but oh so effective! Are you going to try the Tap Tap Tap Concealer method?




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