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My 2015 Favourite Bloggers

The year is nearly over! 2016 is almost upon us, so I’m taking some time to reflect on the year – or 4 months – I’ve had since I started blogging and who my fave bloggers of this year have been.

I was really scared to start blogging as I thought that the real bloggers would these uber-gorgeous beings who had massively deep pockets and flawless skin. I thought I’d never ever fit in in a million years with my awkwardness and honest approach.

But, if you are thinking about starting a blog and are too worried about these same issues – STOP! It’s the complete opposite out there, I promise!

Since i started blogging back in August, I’ve been welcomed into the amazing community like an old friend! There are so many of us out there doing the same thing – just trying to get our voices heard – and the support for others is HUGE!

I never knew that a community could be SO welcoming, kind and open when giving advice, help or just someone to chat to! So as a massive thank you to all those amazing bloggers who’ve helped me this year, I thought I’d dedicate this post to showing off some of their amazing posts and blogs!

One of my ultimate fave bloggers is Love_lippy from the amazing blog Love.Laugh.Lipstick. If you are ever feeling a bit down and need a pick me up, this is the blog to visit. She does amazing posts about lots of different things including too good to be true purchases from China and Ebay. She is so quick witted and funny that her blog will have you in stitches in no time! Defo one of my top favourite bloggers of 2015!

lovelaughlipstick logo

Next up is a friend of mine from way back when. Since knowing her she has turned into the under-gorgeous, beauty aficionado and fashion queen blogger of MillyDayDreams – the funniest and most switched on blog you’ll read this year! Milly was always a lovely, kind and giving girl and that is translated so clearly in her hugely successful blog. She covers everything from fashion and beauty to mental health issues such as SAD. Get looking at her blog for a quippy, easy going read from someone who is not afraid to voice their opinion on EVERYTHING!

milly logo

Another lovely that has helped me so much is fellow newbie blogger Saira from Through the Glitter Glass. As a fellow newbie, we’ve helped encourage each other to keep going and find new friends. Her blog is full of amazing fashion tips and help and lots of fun lifestyle posts. She’s a great writer so her words are such an easy read. She’s so friendly and helpful – a real blog friend!

glitter glass logo

Hannah‘s blog Hannah Hawes is another newbie fave of mine! She is such a lovely girl who’d help ANYONE out and her blog is lovely! She’s done lots of lifestyle posts and reviews of places – her Christmas Market post got me so in the mood for Christmas that I basically turned into Elf! SANTAAAAA! Her photography is always spot on and her point of view is so on point that you end up agreeing with everything she writes!

hannah logo

This next blogger is the queen of photography and instagram! Sinead from Love.Style.Mindfulness is so on point with all her looks. If you’re looking for a fashion blog to follow this is the one! She has such cool style and has me constantly looking at her pages wishing I had enough sense to pair my clothes together in the magical way that she does. She is such an instagram hero that she puts me to shame! Her blog is perfect for everyone. She does lots of reviews and tip posts which are my fave! Give her a look up for sure!

inead logo

Another fave blogger of mine is the lovely Rachele from the lovely blog The Hunt For Fabulous. She was one of my first blog friends and has helped me achieve so many blog goals so far – including letting me collaborate with her on our Holiday Hair and Make Up Collaboration post. Her blog has every sort of DIY, beauty and lifestyle post you’d ever want to read and she’s such a lovely friend!

hunt 4 fab

My aim with this post was to celebrate the amazing bloggers that I’ve come across since I started blogging in August but there are just SO MANY!  Thank you to EVERY SINGLE BLOGGER AND BRAND that has helped make my first part of blogging so much fun and easy!





  1. December 31, 2015 / 12:40 pm

    Ooh will check out all these blogs they sound lovely! X

    • Rosie
      December 31, 2015 / 2:06 pm

      Make sure you do lovely

  2. December 31, 2015 / 2:02 pm

    Love these posts, I always find new blogs to read 🙂 Thanks for sharing xx

    • Rosie
      December 31, 2015 / 2:06 pm

      You’re welcome! Make sure you check these lovelies out

  3. January 1, 2016 / 9:33 pm

    Such a lovely idea!

    Going to check all these blogs out now!


  4. Emmajane
    January 1, 2016 / 10:41 pm

    I love finding bloggers through these posts! Happy new year X

    From fashion faves to 1D, all that was 2015 over on hailandharmony.blogspot.ie

  5. January 2, 2016 / 12:53 pm

    You are an absolute gem. Thank you so much for everything! Seriously I am so lucky to have met you. Cannot wait to arrange a meet up with you.
    Thank you for the mention and I will certainly pop by the other blogs they sound great.
    Also can I just add that I am loving the new blog!

    Love Hannah xx


    • Rosie
      January 2, 2016 / 1:06 pm

      Thank you lovely! Yes I can’t wait for our meet up!! I love your blog so of course I have to share the love thank you!!! It took a lot of stress but i think it’s there now

  6. January 2, 2016 / 7:46 pm

    I’ll be checking out these lovelies now! Great to see you’ve met some lovely people through blogging it’s the best perk of it all if you ask me!

    • Rosie
      January 3, 2016 / 11:31 am

      Same!! These blogs are great!! I’ll check yours out too

  7. January 3, 2016 / 7:37 pm

    Great post! Thanks for sharing I will check them out. xx

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