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Nail Art Ideas

Love nail art? Nail polish addict? Instagram and Pintrest addict? Creative but stuck in a rut? Jealous of the beautiful nails everyone seems to have? This is the post for you! I am going to share with you some of my favourite nail creations from the last couple of weeks.

As lots of you well know, I am a huge nail art addict! I have tried it all!! I have special nail art pens, I have loose glitter, liquid glitter, sponges of all shapes and materials coming out of my ears! I have a whole spare room dedicated to my love of all things nails! I invite people round to try out new nail ideas and I change my own nails more than I change my clothes! I love nails and everything nail art!

I am a huge advocate for doing it all on the cheap side – I personally cannot afford and don’t have any time to go to the nail parlor and have my hands and nail worshiped. Instead I opt to do it all myself, in the comfort of my own home. Whether I’m in my pajamas or dressed up to the nines. I do it all myself. Yes, there have been plenty of disasters and humps of wasting an entire afternoon on the new nail look but it’s all worth it for the looks of adoration my nail creations get everywhere, and I mean everywhere, I go. And, surprisingly it’s not just my fellow females who comment on the nails I do, men seem to like my creations too. I do have a my own personal fan, of course. My boyfriend thinks my creations are great and shouts about it to anyone who’ll listen. Bless him.

Firstly, one of my favourite looks of this year has been ombre. It is such a beautiful effect and the best bit is is that it’s almost effortless. For the amount of time you spent preening your nails compared to the amount of compliments and longevity of the style, good products pending, you get – it’s always a winner. I am a lover of most colours and my nail varnish repertoire reflects that but recently I’ve been on a a bit of a blue hype. So I tried the blue ombre look at both ends of the spectrum. I tried a darker more sultry blue style which was sexy and gorgeous – a must try for the Autumn months, when everything gets a little darker and moodier!! People loved this look and I have to say it’s stayed as one of my favorites.

ombre dark blue

book ombre blue LoveRosiee on Instagram

I also tried a lighter blue ombre look. Again, I received many compliments on this look. Unlike the darker blues, this look was more fresh and popped with colour. I would say this look is more for summer or spring as it really adds a little colour to your nails. Again, I loved this effect and have to say of all the looks I try, ombre is the look I come back to every time I am feeling creative. It is not a high maintenance look and it does add such a zing to your nails! I love ombre and recommend it to everyone. My biggest tip for ombre nails: find three different shades for the best effect! Two shades doesn’t show enough differentiation and more than three is wasteful if you’ve got tiny hands and nails like me.

ombre white blue

LoveRosiee on Instagram

The next look that I’ve been loving in the last couple of weeks is the base nail, I’m trying out a pastel base colour, then dots on top. This look is timeless. If you’re feeling stagnant with nail ideas this is perfect to spice things up and it’s simple to do. The only downside with this look is that it takes a little patience. You MUST wait for the base colour to dry properly – if I have the time I pain the base colour the night before then add the dots the next day for the best effect. If you are too hasty it will become a big mess of dotty gloop and a waste of nail polish! My worst fear!! You can really have any base colour, pastel or not. It’s a simple look and can be done for holidays too. Red base with gold or white or green dots for Christmas. Red base with white dots for Halloween (channeling your best Minnie Mouse). Pastel base with any colour dots (I’d go for a purple and pink base with pastel green and blue dots) for Easter. It’s a great look! I’d definitely recommend giving it a go!

LoveRosiee on Tumblr

LoveRosiee on Tumblr

On the theme of holidays and seasons, this last look is a classy twist on a classic. Again it’s got an ombre feel to it and is done in a similar way, using sponges and base nail polish. But this look is a little different. It’s perfect for a date night or special night out but the ideal place for this look would be Christmas or New Years Eve – the one time of year you can really SPARKLE!! Yes, yes, this look is special because it uses glitter.

LoveRosiee on Instagram

LoveRosiee on Instagram

I use loose glitter to achieve this look. This isn’t a necessity but I find it keeps the look smooth and classy. If you use actual glitter nail polish it can become heavy and clumpy – especially at the nail ends where more is applied. This can make it uneven and difficult to look completely finished. Using loose glitter, though, can be quite a task. My career has helped me become a glitter professional so mess isn’t a problem for me. If you are feeling brave please do buy some loose glitter – it’s inexpensive and really helps so many looks pop! You can buy loose glitter here. I love this look and usually feel brave enough to have it at any time of the year – and people love it! They think it looks so professional and clean – which is definitely the look I go for!

I am huge fan of BarryM so all of the nail polish used come from the BarryM collections.

BarryM selection

BarryM selection

I am a huge nail art addict so keep updated with my nail art creations via my Instagram.

I will post more nail art creations very soon – keep updated with my Twitter.