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Metallic Nails | Collaboration

I LOVE nail art! I am such a nail polish and nail art addict! So, when the gorgeous Lexi from Drifting Lexi blog put out the idea of blog collaborations featuring Spring nails with a twist I jumped at it! And, have I got a twist in store for you! Here is my Metallic Nails Collaboration!  If you’ve read my little blog before, you’ll know that I love nails, nail brands, nail care – you name it, I’ve tried it! Here is where you can find some of my previous nail posts.

So, in the spirit of blog collaborations, Spring and trying something a little different, I’ve picked a stinker! Make sure you hit the lovely Lexi’s blog here for her part of the collab!

metallic nails

Yep, I’ve gone and done the metallic stick ons – and my God were they fabulous!? I felt like an 80s TV star, Beyonce and Midas all rolled into one! These gorgeous stick ons were very low down on my list of expectations – we’ve all been there, rubbish sticky back plastic nail covers that would stick better if you applied prit stick to your nail bed! I had no hopes for them and bought them as a bit of experimental joke, really.

But, the results!? A-M-A-Z-ING! 

black background

Look how super smooth and well, metallic they look!?

To apply these bad boys all you need to do is:

  • Prepare nails as you usually would – trim, file, buff and polish – I usually file mine into a square shape as they seem to chip easier in a rounded shape, but that’s just me!
  • Next, apply a base coat just to protect your nails as you are basically applying adhesive to your precious talons! I always trust BarryM or Sally Hansen for base coats as they strengthen and help again against chips.
  • The pack of metallic stick ons usually comes with differing sizes and usually more than the needed 10 stickers, so choose which set fits which finger.
  • Line up each sticker, one at a time, to the preferred finger – the rounded edge should sit comfortably on your cuticle line. And, if it looks like it wont fit, be patient, it will once it’s firmly stuck down!
  • Gently stick on the metallic sticker, starting at the nail bed and firmly but carefully pressing all the way down to the edge of your nail.
  • There will be overhang – this is a good thing!
  • Get your nail file and file along, gently, where you nail ends. This will neatly tear the sticker from the edge of your nail.
  • Pull off the spare sticker
  • Make sure there are minimal air bubbles and press down gently to stick the sticker on firmly.
  • Apply the rest in the exact same way!
  • To ensure your nails don’t peel off right away, boil the kettle, put your fave show on and chill out for a bit!hand metallic nails
    I loved this look – and so did everyone who saw them! And they were SO durable. As this was an experiment of sorts, I threw myself into my daily routine just to test out the durability of the stickers and I was pleasantly surprised!metallic tattoos
    hese little suckers stayed firm through washing up, mountains of washing, dinner, sleep, my morning work out, showering AND washing my hair, drying and styling my hair and doing my make up! In fact, they managed to stay on for the majority of the week. I say majority because after all of this wear and tear they were no longer perfect, some tiny air bubbles seeped in and they became a little looser – so I had to peel them off!

    Underneath, my nail was absolutely fine because I’d applied a base coat but the adhesive was sitting on top – imagine that on are nails – makes me cringe thinking about it!

    Here is where you can find these amazing Metallic Nail Stick ons!

    Hop on over to Lexi’s blog to see her half of our collaboration also featuring Metallic nails!




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