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Rimmel Instant Tan Review

Just before Christmas I was sent a big hamper of gifts from Rimmel for my little blog. You can read here what I received as I couldn’t resist but blog about all of my amazing goodies! One of the amazing bits I got from Rimmel was their Sun Shimmer Instant Tan. I have to admit, I’ve been neglecting myself in the last couple months. My social life is not what it used to be. But I had an event to go to recently and couldn’t bare my milk bottle legs to be exposed. So I whipped out my uber reliable Rimmel Instant Tan! Here’s my review for all you sun seekers! 


Rimmel are and have always been one of my favourite brands. They are affordable, accessible and most importantly reliably good! I am a bargain blogger so I always look for the cheapest buy and getting the most out of my (little) money. Rimmel is one of those brands you can ALWAYS depend on for beauty. I swear by their make up and this tanning lotion is my go to for that sun kissed look I need!

I always use Soap and Glory products for skincare. It is key to exfoliate lots before you apply fake tan to avoid gross lines and a horrible mess. I always use Soap and Glory Orange Scrub as it smells gorgeous and does the trick! I also always moisturise as much as possible to ensure I get a clean and even tan application. I LOVE Soap and Glory’s Butter Me Up; it not only smells gorgeous but it is so soothing on my sensitive skin!

To apply this instant tan you MUST invest in a tanning mit! They are so cheap and can be found in any supermarket. Believe me, I’d you don’t use a tanning mit you will end up with black hands and everything you touch will become a sticky mess! Not the look you want in a Saturday night!


Although this is not the best photo, you can clearly see the instant transformation of my skin colour! On the left is my pasty milk bottle leg and on the right is my just-tanned summer sunkissed leg! Looking at this photo now you can really see how the tan smooths over and blemishes/lumps and bumps to give you that sun kissed look.


I LOVE this instant tan! It is so easy to use and it doesn’t have that gross smell that invades your nostrils. It is so good on sensitive skin and as long as you follow my first steps you will ALWAYS achieve the look you want!


This look is a quick fix for those nights out or days when you can’t possibly be showing your white pins! I use this instant tan all over – entire body and sometimes my face. If I use it on my face I mix it with moisturiser and slowly but surely apply it my face to make sure I get an even coverage and don’t look like Pat Butcher circa 1987!


This instant tan is light and easy to wear. I wore it for an entire weekend (gross but I was so hungover I could barely move my eye balls let alone thoroughly wash!) and the look stayed fresh and tanned!

Beware though: if a drink or any liquid gets on your tanned areas you will risk a dripping down your leg look! Stay away from unstable drinkers and their spills!

I could not recommend this product anymore. And I received lots of compliments and had lots of people asking me where I’d been away to get such a nice colour! Little did they know I could have only gone to tesco!

I am wearing the medium shade of Rimmel Instant Tan Sun Shimmer. I also have the darker shade which I may brave for another post coming soon!




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