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The BEST Diet Supplement!

Got that Summer body yet? Starting to feel the pressure of not looking like those hot Instagram models? Dreading your transition wardrobe as we step into Spring? Well, you lovely lot, I have got the answer to ALL of your prayers! I’ve been reviewing Forza this past week, a nice and easy meal replacement as seen in OK! Magazine and more! And … drum roll please … my Summer body is not only on it’s way, but the girl inside the almost-summer body is feeling GREAT! I’ll be showing you why this is really the BEST diet Supplement on the market right now!


Now, if you’ve stumbled upon my little corner of the Internet before, you will know that I can be quite harsh when it comes to diet products etc. May I refer you back to that teatox review – if I’m ringing no bells, hit the link!

I am not a lover of fad diets, unhealthy goals and the encouragement of the imperfect figure. In fact, I try to be the advocate of “you look great girl”, “You’re rocking that look” because no matter how big or small you are, as long as you are you and you love yourself, you are on fire to me!


So, I have to admit my shock when I truly say that I have fallen in love with Forza! When I opened my door to the postman for my week long supplements trial, I was pessimistic and down. I’d got to that point where my Summer body was looking like next year’s problem, I was hating my shape and starving all the time. It’s Winter, what do you want from me!?

But, these delicious shakes – flavours include Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolatethe Vanilla one is sublime! – have given me the kick start to my diet that I so desperately needed!

The starter pack I received came with a lush pink shaker and a weeks worth of meal supplements. I chose to have a shake for breakfast and for lunch. Obviously, this is only for the short term so I was drinking loads of  water! It is key to stay hydrated! The powders are such good flavours – they are full of flavour until that very last drop.

Forza recommend you fill up your shaker to the 300ml line, add the powder and shake, shake, shake. Simple! I am a bit fussy, so I would make my shake and either bring to work and pop it in the fridge or make it in advance so it was ice cold.

Honestly, the Vanilla one literally tastes like traditional Cornish Ice Cream! It is delicious!

forza chocolate forza strawberry forza vanilla

I was actually a little bit sad when my trial week was up – I had lots of energy and such a confidence boost that it kickstarted my fitness regime. I was exercising daily, doing spinning and also videos – I had that much energy! I was drinking more water so my skin stayed clear and I was sleeping really well at night!

I did get hungry every so often – you know the time 5pm, you’ve just got home for work and you need to munch on something! But I kept to my water and fruit until dinner!

forza ingrediants

Each shake is only 204 calories, have them twice a day and a healthy dinner and it’s easy to see why the weight falls off! In total, this week, from using Forza and exercising, I have lost over 5 pounds! That is no joke!

love forza

I LOVED this product! I had no  tummy issues, no sickness. Yes I got hungry but it was mind over matter. This product has helped me kick start my diet, kept me motivated and helped things like my skin stay clear and my sleep pattern get better!

You can find this amazing product here!




With all things like this, there is a risk so I demand that whoever takes on this product is careful and knows what they want from it. This is NOT a quick fix, once you reintroduce your normal diet, your weight will fluctuate. This is also not a long term solution. In losing weight you must ALWAYS be healthy and listen to your body! The best and most healthy way of loosing weight is to exercise and eat in moderation. Please do your research on any supplements product and diet product and never force yourself to go without!


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