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2018 Goals – Hit Or Miss

What a year it’s been. I mean, wonderful, hard work and so fulfilling. It’s that time of year where it’s time to look inwards to reflect on everything the year has brought and it’s also a great opportunity to look forward and set some goals for the year to come, 2019. I am always one for putting my money where my mouth is, so I am going to share the goals I set for myself this time last year and see if I managed to hit any!
Brutally honest is how I always run my blog, so I’m going to be brutally honest with myself!

So, here is the link to my original 2018 blog goals post, it makes for good reading now that we have the power of hindsight!
Click it here:

I talk lots in the post about turning 26 and wanting to make it as lovely and special with the people that I can – not knowing that even back then, my lovely man was planning on proposing on the run up to my Birthday in May! I wanted to spend more time with my boy this year and that is definitely something that I managed to do this year – so tick that one off right away!

I next go on to my job. At the start of 2018, I was managing a bar, doing all of the marketing and social media and working up to 55 hours a week. Once we got engaged in May, it dawned on me that I needed to branch out in my career and try to see if there was more out there for me.
Once we were back from our wonderful holiday where we were engaged on the beach at sunset, I settled back into pub life while juggling my blog in the evenings and at the weekends.
Then, in the Summer, a brilliant job opportunity that incorporated my blog fell into my lap! A job in Digital and Affiliate Marketing that would enable me to strengthen my blog and knowledge of the market – I had to go for it!
After a couple of very nerve wracking interviews, I unexpectedly got the job! So, in September this year I started my new career and I am now a world away from the Rosie who started 2018 – and do you know what? I couldn’t be prouder of myself!

Blog wise, I spoke in last year’s post about trying not to focus on the numbers too much in 2018. Did that work? Meh, kind of. Blog visits, yes, I chilled out a lot! Social Media numbers, no.
Instagram has been awful for me (and everyone) this year, and it has seen my behaviour change towards the platform. I had a negative attitude towards it in the middle of the year but now I am stronger, I believe in my content and I post when I want and try not to focus too much on likes, comments and follower counts! I am hoping I can keep this going as I go into 2018!

So, that’s it. I have brutally analysed my own goals, set by myself exactly one year ago.
I didn’t quite hit them all, but I have had a corker of a year!

Among all the negativity, there are shining lights of happiness and positivity!
2018 ends with a brand new career and a lovely ring on my finger – and I’ll take that!

Stay tuned for 2019 goals!



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