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Blogging Techniques


It has the mirage of being a lifestyle of luxury with evenings filled with prosseco fueled events and days filled with piles and piles of packages landing on your doorstep. I love this idea. But sadly, that isn’t 100% the full truth. There needs to be lots of blogging techniques to ensure that your blog is seen and that it becomes successful.


I have hooked up with the lovely colours of a rose blog to show you our blog techniques. Our aim is to share our techniques – as everybody is different in how their blogging process is formed, and to share our own blogging struggles.

So, here goes.

If you look at blogs, see things like Instagram and have you ear to the ground with these sorts of things, you’ll know that it is more and more becoming picture heavy. Whenever I chat with fellow bloggers, our conversation always loops back around to photography, editing, programmes, apps and most importantly, the tools needed to get THAT perfect blog/Instagram-able picture!

This is me all over, as a blogger. I found in my early days of blogging that I loved writing – that was my first clear passion with starting LoveRosiee. But getting inspired to get started was a real struggle. My biggest blog technique of the last six months (my first six months of blogging) is to take as many blog photos as possible, stock pile them and build the post around them. Yes this can be a bit of a pain if you hate editing and deleting 28485049 photos off your device that are only millimetres different – but for me it’s my number 1 blogging technique!


Another blogging technique of mine is to write everything down. I mean EVERYTHING. I am a very positive and passionate person and inspiration can strike me anywhere! Whether that’s in bed in the dead hours of the night, while taking blog photos or while in a very important meeting at work. I always carry around either my phone or my many note pads to write down any glimmer of post ideas as soon as they strike. I draw little pictures or visual clues to help judge my memory for when I can get to my laptop. This really helps me and I often find myself with a list as long as my arm with blog titles, ideas and photos. Whether I use them or not, they’re a great way to hurt your blogging juices going.

A big blogging technique that took me a while to get my head round is self promotion. It is a tough line to follow. If you want your blog to be seen – you MUST promote yourself in any way possible. I am a Twitter addict and use that to promote new posts, old posts and more. I use Instagram to show off either my blog photos or blog related posts to generate more visitors. The bit I was stuck on was the spamming. No one wants to come across as a spammer. No one wants a constant link being thrust under their nose while they surf around Twitter looking at nude lipsticks. There is a very fine line.
But self promotion needn’t be the cold URL left in a tweet or constant spamming. The best bit about blogging is the community and their openness. I usually promote my little blog without even realising by chatting with other bloggers, offering advice and having a general laugh. It is so easy and natural. I also go out of my way to comment on as many blogs as I can – this is less a technique and more of just being a blog fan – the reason behind why I started my little blog.


My most treasured blogging technique would have to be to be 100% and completely and utterly yourself. I love blogging, it shows both my passion but also my downfalls. My little corner of the Internet it me all over. I couldn’t blog about something I didn’t really care about – it would be so obvious to you as a reader! And sadly, as a reader of lots of blogs on a daily basis, it is easy to see if someone isn’t blogging truly from themselves. This can be like walking over land mines, I don’t ever want o offend anyone – blogging can be bloody hard work, but it’s just better to be you! With brands and companies selling you stuff to review it can be hard to be completely impartial but it is a responsibility of the blogger to be! In my opinion anyway!

So there are my main blogging techniques! Head over to coloursofarose to see her blogging techniques!

What techniques do you have?




  1. March 3, 2016 / 9:24 am

    Great post. I always take loads of photos of the same thing and end up with thousands that look practically the same! Haha. But getting the perfect blog/IG photo is hard, and very important. Can definitely relate to a lot of these points. Great post! xx http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  2. September 14, 2016 / 4:55 pm

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on blogging techniques.

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