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2018 In Reflection

It’s that time of the year again to feel happy, grateful and reflective when it comes to yourself, your life and others. I do a reflective post every year around this time as I find it to be such a good way of remembering the good, the ups and downs and all the journeys that 2018 has brought me. I am lucky enough to be able to share it on my little blog and to be able to share my blog reflections too..
so here goes, 2018 In Reflection!

Sooo many things have happened to me this year, both in my personal life and for LoveRosiee! Overall, I have had an amazing year.
My 2018 was filled with holidays, days out, hard work and an engagement to boot!

For my blog, I have secured some really cool collaborations; I have had ups and downs within the blogging community; I have got back to enjoying blog photography and the creatives behind blogging again; and I’ve made some unpopular decisions to be in keeping with the integrity of my brand and my blog.
I have had moments of madness that have kept me up half the night wondering if I’d made the right decisions; I have had wonderful events and trips and my little blog has even helped me with my career in 2018!
I am super proud of myself and LoveRosiee, I wouldn’t know how Rosie is without it. I am excited to continue into 2019 with my blog, making informed decisions, working smarter not harder and enjoying the next part of my blogging journey as a bride to be and 100% as the real me!

Here is some of my favourite collaborations and posts from the year..

I have had the amazing fortune to work with some incredible brands this year, some of my faves have to be:

Soap & Glory
Adexe Watch
Femme Luxe
Shearer Candles
Only & Eve
Unicorn Cosmetics
And many, many more!

Some of my favourite posts this year include:


In the last three to four months, I have had to scale back a lot of event visits, blog opportunities and collaborations. This is to do with my new job – that I wouldn’t have got without LoveRosiee; it has pained me to turn down huge opportunities but I know that if I keep putting in the hard graft that I do now, other and potentially bigger opportunities will come my way with the growth of my career in digital marketing and on my blog!

Coming up will be look back at the goals I set for 2018 and whether I managed to hit any of them! And of course, stay tuned for some 2019 blog goals!

Thanks for reading, engaging, commenting and generally making a happy 26 very very happy!



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