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IceBar London

Walking up Heddon Street in London, just off Regent Street and a stones throw away from the Coach store and all the designer places to be you would never know the little gem hidden away. Strolling arm in arm with my beau up a gorgeous side street embellished with twinkling fairly lights, hip people and an urban jungle, you’ll find  yourself on the door step of The IceBar London.

Inside this hidden away bar is the best IceBar and the BEST COCKTAILS IN LONDON!

You’ll be welcomed into the most beautiful and designer looking “Warm Bar” where the list of cocktails is amazing! This hip bar is fitted with scatter cushions, intimate alcoves and Instagrammable scenery and plants. It is a blogger’s heaven. I had my phone prised out of my hands to actually taste the delicious cocktails! The Warm Bar is one of those places that would be awesome just to hang out in with your mates while you’re about in London. It has the ambience of a wicked cocktail bar with the background of blogging heaven – if I could pick and design my ultimate Blogger Hangout or Blog Event, it would have to take place at IceBar London’s Warm Bar!

cocktails in the Warm Bar

Now for the main attraction; I came to the IceBar as a blogger for this post, a blogging assignment. I had my full work head on and I was so ready to be uber professional and camera crazy.

Did that happen?

Did it hell! As soon as I walked into the IceBar I turned into a cocktail-Instagram-photo-crazy girl! I literally transformed into a giggly girl that crowded the bar and wanted to know everything! I felt like a tourist – I couldn’t get enough, there’s so much to see and I couldn’t wait to take it all in!


Inside the bar is fairly small but it never felt cramped, even though I was there at peak time on a Sunday night. The bar area takes up quite a lot of room and the menu is really varied so that even if you’re fussy like me, you’ll easily find something nice to try!

Of course, I loved the novelty of drinking my cocktails out of an ice glass – but you really should wear the gloves provided as your hands will freeze. I know this sounds as obvious as anything but I was so busy taking photos that I didn’t.

Also a little tip is, the gloves provided with your novelty blue poncho work on your touch screen phone! Didn’t find this out till really late in my session (gutted)!

I could not recommend the IceBar London enough for you! Whether you’re a blogger, you want a chilled London day, a birthday celebration or a party, the IceBar London is perfect!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time and I am not a massive drinker!

The cocktails I tried were the Rampant Rabbit (super sweet and delicious) and the blue Baboon (it’s blue, duh!)

Basically, you’ve got to get your butt down there! Best night of 2017 for me so far! I plan to get on back there for my 25th in May with lots of my lovely family and friends so I can go cocktail crazy and spam you all even more with my Ice Bar photos on Instagram!





  1. JB
    April 22, 2017 / 8:01 pm

    Great post. I’ve never seen pictures of the interior before just people in the gowns. May have to pay a visit!

    • Rosie
      May 3, 2017 / 10:58 am

      Definitely go have a visit! I can’t recommend it enough!

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