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Browns Windsor

I love food. I love wine. I love cocktails. I also love blogging. So, when I get a wicked opportunity to do something that links all of those loves of mine, I jump at it!

I am a Windsor girl and proud. Windsor is a beautiful little town just outside London and it is obviously the home of Windsor Castle and our lovely Queen! I was born here and only moved away for three years to go to Uni in Bristol and have since moved back home, found a lovely local boy (five years and going strong) and have bought a house and settled fully into Windsor life.

As you can already tell, I’m getting a little more personal than I usually would – I usually try to keep my blogging life and my everyday life as separate as possible. However, this week I had the chance to share an amazing blogging opportunity with my beau and thought it was a good time to share a little more about myself!

So, here goes. My review of Browns in Windsor!

Browns is a fine dining chain that at based all around the country. The Windsor chain has been a haunt for me since I turned eighteen seven years ago and it is situated in the best spot in town. It’s right on the river and it is always bustling and busy. It’s one of those spots where you’re guaranteed to bump into someone you haven’t seen for ages, up and comers and celebs! It is a great spot for celeb spotting and when I dropped in there this week two Love Island lovers were having dinner and cocktails on the next table over! We spotted Malin and Tom on a date before the relationship was confirmed in the later part of this week!

It’s got beautiful décor and while it always has a busy atmosphere you aren’t squashed in and touching knees with those next to you! You are well left alone and can easily find intimate corners and alcoves.

Now, let’s talk about the main event, shall we? The food!

First up, let it be known that I have recently lost just over 20 pounds in weight and have been on an extremely strict diet with no carbs or sugar. So, this three course meal was a carefully picked treat for me and my long suffering boyfriend!

We started with this huge sharing platter filled with gorgeous treats like mini prawn cocktails, salt and pepper squid and pulled pork and pig cheek crostini.

It was delicious! Served on an Afternoon tea style platter it is the perfect way to start a meal with company. It’s a sharer and there’s plenty to go round!

I found the pork cheek went perfectly with the Malbec I had to try!

 I then went for the Browns Burger with no bun and my babe had to try the Lobster risotto.

If you know us two at all, you’ll know we can barely get anything done for chatting away a million miles an hour to each other. But once our mains were handed over to us and I had taken a million photos (blogger problems, feel me?) we barely muttered a single word to each other until we were stuffed!

My Browns Burger was something special. A deliciously home made patty layered with lettuce, tomatoes, crispy bacon, melted cheese and onion took me to heaven!

The Lobster risotto was the real star of the show though! It was creamy and luxurious and packed full of lobster! It was seasoned to perfection and it felt as if it was fished for and made just for us!

I managed to squeeze in some dessert of course – although my boyfriend didn’t and opted for a desert cocktail instead – what a great idea for those with a lack of a sweet tooth!

This warm chocolate brownie with honey comb ice cream is out of this world! I was literally stuffed to the brim but I couldn’t stop eating it! The warm brownie paired with the freezing cold ice cream was perfect! I managed to fit in every single bite until the last one!

The best part of Browns has got to be the cocktails! If you’ve visited my blog before you’ll know I am a cocktail lover and I spend half my weekends out testing and trying cocktails and cocktail bar all in the name of blogging!

The menu at Browns is diverse and fits all different tastes. Obviously, I went for a Porn Star Martini – you can always guage how good a place is by their Porn Star standards – good Prosecco? Fresh fruit? Clean glasses?

All ticks for Browns!




1 Comment

  1. March 4, 2017 / 5:00 pm

    Oh wow the food here looks amazing and the cocktails sound very nice too! I need to go one day I think 😀

    Fruity Flamingo

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