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Vegan Make Up Brushes | The Body Shop

The Body Shop is one of my favourite and most trusted brands. I love their products but more than that, I love their ethos. They are on the biggest brands in the UK banging on about cruelty free and vegan products and they make it look easy – although I am so sure it’s not, otherwise other brands would be doing it as seamlessly. I love the vast range of their products – from hair care to moisturizers to beauty products – some that I have the huge pleasure of introducing to you in this post!

These gorgeously soft and earthy-feeling brushes are made from specialist synthetic hairs that are 100% cruelty free. I have never felt a softer brush! And while the handles of the brush give that real to life earthy and wooden tones that wont find themselves marketed on their look or found in a shell case (know what I’m talking about don’t ya!) the handles of these sturdy brushes are 100% sustainably sourced. These brushes are not only down to earth in looks, cruelty free in manufacturing but also completely and utterly vegan!

These lovely charcoal brushes are so on trend and I received a sample of the best kind. I love strobing and contouring brushes as well as corrector brushes. My boyfriend tells me I have a million make up brushes and he is right (although I do not give him the satisfaction of telling him so) but honestly, these brushes are so that if I’d have bought them when I first started blogging then I would never have needed to buy any more form any other brand!

These brushes are serious game changers! If you are serious about make up -they’ll completely change up your make up game! If you’re conscious of what’s going on around you in the beauty world and with the big brands out there, these brushes are so relevant to what’s going on!

 I now use these brushes in my everyday make up routine and I clean them as often as I can (bain of any beauty bloggers life, I know!) but most importantly, every single time I use them I have no feeling of guilt or wonderment for where my brushes are from or who has been harmed in the making of them!

I cannot implore you enough to get your hands on a set of these gorgeously soft brushes!

You can get your hands on these Vegan and Curelty Free Brushes from The Body Shop here or by going in store!




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