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Sun Stripping | Summer Make Up

Summer is around the corner and the fashion and beauty stakes are showing off with their new trends and guides! A big one that is set to blow up the beauty scene is Sun Stripping. My beauty blog friends are telling me that Sun Stripping is rumured to get as big as Strobing was last year! Check my Strobing post here! Sun Stripping though is something quite different. As the name suggests, it doesn’t involve highlighting – instead you use a bronzer to show off that after holiday skin glow!

Sun Stripping is a look that can be achieved fairly easily and not with a crazy amount of products unlike some looks this summer. I’m looking at you Baking. Find my Baking post here. Who wouldn’t want to achieve that fresh, holiday bronzed skin anyway?

gigi sun stripping

Gigi is a fan of Sun Stripping


Stepping completely away from Strobing and Contouring, Sun Stripping is achieved by dusting your bronzer across the middle of your face. From cheek to cheek and over your nose. Sounds so weird I know. But I am so tempted to try it! And, if you think about it, those areas are always where I catch the Sun first, so it kind of makes sense! My only dread would be that I wouldn’t blend properly – I’m impatient, and I’d look like Pat Butcher gone wrong!

I will be trying this look out – but only applying some gradual tan – my translucent, white skin couldn’t handle any bronzer just yet!

Look out for my Sun Stripping on me post coming real soon!

Would you try Sun Stripping? Send me pictures!




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  1. May 9, 2016 / 6:35 pm

    I would love to get my make up look like gigi’s she always looks so lovely and natural, never tried this sun stripping technique.

    Meme xx

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