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FORZA | HYDRATRIM First Impressions

You know my favourite brand for diet supplements? FORZA. I’ve featured them in a post before (find it here) and I really rate them as a healthy, supplement type brand. When they approached me a couple of weeks ago to work together again I jumped at the chance. This time I am reviewing their Hydratrim Pills. Get your trainers on, you’ll want to get your summer body ready with this one! Here’s my Forza Hydratrim First Impressions.


First things first, let’s get the awkward and most obvious thing out of the way. If you’re anything like my boyfriend you’ll have Eminem stuck in your head for the rest of this post. Yes, the Forza Hydratrim pills are purple. Purple pills. We over it yet? Because, sadly, he’s not!

I love the look of this product! It’s simple but glossy and showy in all the right ways. The silver and purple elements are gorgeous and wouldn’t be out of place in the most fashionable of handbags.

Forza instruct you to take two purple pills before breakfast, lunch and dinner. They promise a feeling of fullness and eventual weight loss. Win win! I’d it can stop my five o’clock munchies I’ll be happy! They recommend you take the pills with lots of water to ensure they go down smoothly and you don’t end up feeling poorly.

On first inspection, the pills do seem rather large and the frequancy of dosage can be daunting but once I’m in the habit of it I’ll be fine! And it’s no bigger than those headache pills swallowed at the weekends after one too many cocktails!


This little jar promises a dosage that will last 30 days! So stay posted for how my trial goes!

You can find Forza products here  




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