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High End Christmas Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… with the blogs jingle belling and everyone being in great cheer! I LOVE Christmas and I LOVE buying gifts for the people I love. Now, the blogosphere is a little swamped with Gift Guides galore and it can be a little boring reading the same ones over and over … so I thought I’d do something a little different. I always end up treating those important ladies in my life to a little high end purchase (namely my mamma and my mother in law) so I thought I’d help inspire you all with my High End Christmas Gift Guide!

xmas-high-end13 xmas-highend-12


Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Polish

This little gem is such a brilliantly simple gift for someone you adore! I received this gift recently from an amazing client at work and the excitement and love I had for it was out of this world. The packaging is a gift itself!

One amazing thing about all Chanel products is the packaging they come in. Imagine opening this on Christmas morning! You wouldn’t even need to wrap it up yourself – get it gift wrapped in store and watch the love spread across that special someone’s face!

This gorgeous Rouge Noir shade is absolutely perfect for this time of year. It’s a beautifully shiny dark berry colour, like a good glass of Merlot! It has such a gorgeous finish with a lasting look of Christmas plum! A Perfect High End gift!

xmas-high-end9 xmas-high-end8 xmas-high-end7 xmas-high-end6 xmas-high-end5

Joan Collins Compact Duo

Oh my good God, how insanely beautiful is this Compact? As soon as I saw this amazing Compact Duo with an elegant pressed powder and red berry lipstick, I knew exactly who I was buying it for!

Again, absolute packaging GOALS! I love everything gold and this compact ticks oh so many boxes for me!

This insane looking product would be perfect for any lady who knows class! If she knows her too-good-to-be-true items to her make up bangers this will be right up her street!

This make up is so elegant and luxurious and it has that extra sparkle that is the law for us ladies at Christmas!

Love love love!

xmas-high-end4 xmas-high-end3 xmas-high-end2


Skin Chemists Caviar Range

Skincare at this time of year is SO important. With the cold weather, hot oven you’ll inevitably be slaving over and the stress of getting everything just perfect for the ones you love – your skin usually suffers at this amazing time of year!

So, what’s better for that amazing lady in your life than a true skincare treat that doesn’t feel like a Boots 2 for 1, bought on Christmas Eve cop out?

Enter the Skin Chemists. Their unconventional take on skincare stand them apart from their competitors and their amazing products and price tag keep them a firm favourite of mine.

This range is the Caviar range – a new idea of basing skincare on caviar. Sounds weird but it’s amazing!

I love not only the packaging of these two products from Skin Chemists but the actual products themselves. What’s better at Christmas than a mirrored sphere filled with a gorgeous smelling face serum!?

What would be on your High End Gift Guide this season?

You can find all of these amazing gifts here:

Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Polish

Joan Collins Compact Duo

Skin Chemists Caviar Range


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