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Summer Skincare Guide

Every Summer has it’s own story

Let’s hope yours is one of good skin care! It is so important to take care yourself and your skin in the sunny season – yes, even in the non-starter of England! With things like Summer Holidays, dehydration from one too many frozen cocktails and tiredness from too much fun in the Sun, our skin is one of the biggest sufferers. Luckily for you lovely lot, I’ve got my hands on some Summer Skincare Essentials from Soap and Glory! Here is my Summer Skincare Guide!

soap and glory

Soap & Glory has got to be one of my all time favourite brands when it comes to all things beauty and skincare. I love it so much that I always end up with huge hampers full of their gorgeous bits at Christmas that usually last me all year. However, this time around I had run out of my three favourite products that are essential to a blissfully pampered and skin-safe summer!

soap fairy lights

Soap & Glory’s Butter Yourself is one of the best moisturisers I have had the pleasure of using! It is my go-to moisturiser for my pre-bedtime routine and I also use it for my pre-make up application process. It is gorgeous. Not only does it smell great but it is not sticky or oily in the slightest and it has the staying power needed to combat broken or dry skin. The reason this is my first of three Summer Skincare Essentials is because, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be forgetting to reapply moisture into your skin after a day in the Sunshine. Yes, I ALWAYS use sun cream and in fact I very rarely expose my face to harsh sunshine to help combat early wrinkles. But it doesn’t stop your face feeling tight/slightly damaged. I love this moisturizer and it really works its magic on me every single time. On holiday I use After Sun as a ritual and I still end up using this product about a half hour later just because it’s so amazing. If you haven’t had a whiff of it – you need to! So gorgeous and floral!

soap and glory 3

Next up on my list of Summer Skincare has got to be Soap & Glory’s Sugar Crush Body Scrub. Exfoliating is so important for gentle and healthy tanning. Even if you’re trying to keep hold of your tan you MUST exfoliate to get rid of that dead skin, buff yourself up and stay bronzed! Exfoliating is also very important for getting that tan in the first place. If you want the most even of tans you need to exfoliate first to get rid of the lumps and bumps you didn’t know you’d acquired from all that hard work on the lead up to holiday! This body scrub, again, smells bloody amazing. It is so fruity and leaves your skin feeling tingly and fruity for ages! The tiny little hard bits in the gel do the trick perfectly for that pre-holiday glow! This product is the one I ALWAYS run out of so quickly!

soap and glory 2

Lastly on this list has got to be Soap & Glory’s Hand Dream. I always end up neglecting my hands in the summer – even though they are so important to enjoying myself – ya know, lifting the cocktails to my mouth and taking those selfies, they always end up neglected and a little gnarly. Your hands always get the biggest beating when it comes to skin care just because we use them so much. So, you need to be able to treat them! And, this gorgeous product is the perfect treat! Hand Dream is, like most other Soap And Glory products, the best smelling hand cream you can get your hands on for a reasonable price! It is not greasy AT ALL and you can instantly feel the skin on your hand becoming looser and sucking up the moisture! My absolute fave!

What would be on your Summer Skincare Guide? Have you tried any of these products before?




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