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When In Doubt, Smile and Pout

Language is wine upon the lips – Virginia Woolf


Your lips are the key to your most intimate and private soul. Through your lips you can have it all, the job, the life … the kiss! So, it’s no surprise when you see that lip care and lip products are some of the highest selling beauty products on the market right now. You can thank Kylie Jenner for that! Her expanding pout has been under much scrutiny in the press but her Lip Kit products are flying off the shelves and all over the world. She has also inspired the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge” – if you want a laugh please enter that phrase into YouTube! Luckily for me, there are non-invasive methods of getting that perfect pout and I’m buzzing to try out Dee&Co’s Perfect Pout plumper and here are my first impressions! So… if in doubt, smile and pout!


 If you’ve hopped over to my little corner of the blogosphere, you’ll know that I am a little conscious by my extreme lack of lip. I cannot buy lipstick or do anything adventurous with them so just stick to lip balm. I know, I am a s*** beauty blogger! I’m sorry but I cannot shell out for Velvet Teddy or any other MAC contraption when my lips are paper thin! So, when this gorgeous little box dropped through my letterbox to blog about I was very happy!

First Impressions are so important – whether you’re a blogger or not! Packaging is big business now and it’s a perfect first impressions of the product … is it good quality? is it worth the dollar? is it pretty? and most importantly – is it Instagrammable?! As my lovely boyfriend jokes, if you didn’t post it on Instagram, did it even happen!? Labels and packaging are massive for blog shots and for satisfaction when it comes to your purchase.

The gorgeous petite Lip Plumper from Dee&Co comes in a dainty little box, clean and white with instructions and clear labelling. Much better than the one I got from China!

The Lip Plumper’s guide includes:

moistening the lip area with balm in order to get the best suction

applying the Plumper onto the area gently and sucking

sucking continuously for small periods of time to start with – roughly 30 seconds to 1 minute

use it regularly and in larger intervals (working up your stamina) to get the best results

Simple! I love the pink Plumper with the adorable XO on – it is so small and discreet that I could imagine popping it into my clutch on a night out, sticking it on while I reapply my make up during the night and no one being any the wiser!


I love this product on first impressions! It is dainty but girlie. The box is self explanatory and serves its purpose perfectly. The size and feel of the product feel like such good quality. The hard rubber Plumper is robust enough to knock around in your handbag but soft and smooth enough to not damage your skin.

This product needs to be used sensibly and for the correct reasons!

Coming up, I will be using the Dee&Co Lip Plumper with a make up look for the blog! You can stay up to date by hopping over to my Instagram and Twitter!




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