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Real Techniques Dupes

I am a Bargain Blogger through and through! If I can slice off a few quid or get my hands on a dupe – I am there! Bargain Blogging is nothing to ashamed of –  I have made my blogging career (almost a full year in now!) out of it! I will not pay for anything I don’t need to and I am the proudest blogger to know that you guys can get something cheap but amazing on me! I am a realist – I know that your spare cash is precious to you – as mine is to me! I love blogging, beauty and fashion but I also love spending my hard earned cash on being with the people I love and making those 45 hour weeks something other than miserable and an obligation. I know you’re all the same as me too! So, I was chuffed when I stumbled upon a massive beauty dupe for a friggin’ steal!

Here are my Real Techniques make up brush dupes!

real tech 5

These bad boys I found on none other than my favourite go to for miscellaneous make up and all the 35747283 books I get through – Amazon! I know right! And you’ll never get over the price … £10! Yep, that’s all!

Amazon you hero!

For one of the brushes in the Real Techniques collection that look just like my big gold masterpiece of a brush, you’d be dropping over £20! For all seven of these brushes you’ll pay a tenner and some packaging and they’ll be with you within a week!

real tech dupes

Now for the real bit – what are they like?

Well, as well as looking the part, they feel it too! They are so soft and durable – you can contour and blush away with these gorgeous brushed and they wont even blink any eye! The fluffiness of them ensures they pick up the right amount of product and distribute them in all the right places on your face! The handles are perfectly sturdy and let’s just talk about how beautiful they are!

Aren’t they just divine!? They are so perfect and SO Instagrammable! Yes, the packing they arrive in leave a little bit to be desired but I just used my thrifty bargain knowledge and whacked them into my copper “tea” tin – matchy matchy and all that!

I love how iridescent and on trend they are – if you’ve not spotted the rose gold//copper/bronze trend where have you been!? Get yourself down to B&M Bargains and chrome yourself silly!

real tech 3

They go perfectly with every type of make up you have! I couldn’t help but pair my gorgeously cheap brushes with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit (yes, I am a bargain blogger – I wouldn’t dream of spending money on such extravagance, my lovely boyfriend footed the bill for this …  and it was a surprise gift!). And they are just so photogenic – they go with everything!

I cannot rate these brushes more! They are a perfect companion to all of my other 4858438273 make up brushes but these bad boys take pride of place in my glam area because they’re too beautiful to hide in a draw – NOBODY PUTS MY GORGEOUS BRUSHES IN THE CORNER!

real tech dupes7

Please, please, PLEASE go and get your hands on them! If not for the sake of your bank balance but for the sake of your glam area and Instagram!

You can find these brushes at a steal by hitting this link!

If you’d like to compare and possibly even treat yourself, click this link to see the originals!

Absolutely love these dupes – hope you do too!





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