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Juicy Fuel

Are you sitting down? What if I was to tell you something that will completely rock your world? You’d love that right?

Well, I’ve found the answer to all of your refreshment problems. How would you feel if I told you I’ve found a cola substitute that is not only healthy but tastes incredible? AND is one of your five a day?

You’d think I was lying … I thought it couldn’t possibly be true. That was until I got my hands on some to try myself. The clever people at The Juice Shed Company have invented exactly that… a cola substitute with only good things inside, in two different flavours!


These innocent looking little cans of goodness have a lot to answer for.

Not only do they taste insane, they quench your deepest thirst and they are good for you!

I was in disbelief when I found them, gave them a try and I am convert. No longer will I be delving into super markets for their over produced, unhealthy, commercial alternative. The Juice Shed Company have smashed it out of the park and are about to crash onto the soft drinks market with their amazing tasting beverage that promises, and delivers, more than the super market brands!


There’s so much we need to catch up on when it comes to this awesome product and the amazing people behind it!

Who are the Juice Shed Company? How on earth did they manage to pull this off? Why didn’t know about this before?

The Juice Shed Company are the smallest cola producers in the world based in Stockport in our little old country – right under our noses this whole time!

This Juicy Fuel Cola is made 100% naturally with no sweeteners or added sugar – and it tastes genuine, enough to pick you up and give you energy, not enough to melt a baby’s milk tooth over night!

AND, this is massive, these amazing Juicy Fuel Cola flavours count towards one of your 5 a day!


If you haven’t fallen off of your chair yet, you’re doing well.

Shall we get to the juicy bit? (pun intended) How did it taste? How did it shape up against the world leader in soft drinks?

Its BETTER! Yep, I 100% believe that both the original cola flavour and the cherry flavour are actually better than the supermarket counterpart. The Cherry Juicy Fuel Cola actually tastes like fresh cherries are being smashed up into your cold drink. The sweetness and clarity of flavour is not matched by the overly sweet counterpart in the slightest!

The drinks are both tasty and refreshing. They wont leave your gasping for glasses of water to cleanse your palette after too much sweetness!

And, the real test?

How did the match being added to alcohol (I’m not an alchy, promise, but I needed to know)

Amazingly! They highlighted their own sweet flavours against my normal tipple of Amaretto, they enhanced the deep taste of the alcohol and altogether made it an even better tipple!

Another massive positive is that I never got that dirty teeth feeling after having one, or more! Usually after the massive brand has been sampled by myself, whether alone or coupled with a spirit, my teeth instantly feel like they need a good brush. I didn’t have that at all with the Juicy Fuel Cola! I felt as if I’d tasted a lush drink but not sluggish or on a sugar high and my teeth felt perfect!


I cannot ask you enough to get your hands on this incredible product! It’s quickly become a firm favourite in my house and I’m sad to say I’ve ran out of my samples all too soon!

You can find yourself some Juicy Fuel Cola here from The Juice Shed Company!




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