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Holidays Are Coming

I don’t care what you think and I know that reading the next line will induce a thousand eye rolls but I DON’T care!

I LOVE Christmas! Yep, imagine Buddy The Elf in female form and you’ve pretty much summed me up! I love everything about Christmas and being an adult only makes it more special! If I could become a Christmas elf I would and I would spread Christmas cheer like there was no tomorrow. There’s so much to love about the magical season, far too much to name! One of the BEST things about the JINGLE season is the smells! Whether it’s a whiff of turkey, a puff of fresh, crisp winter morning or a cloud of Christmas tree, it is the scents and smells of Christmas that evoke and awaken those glorious memories! If you’ve visited my blog before you’ll know that I am addicted to scented candles, so you’ll be pleased to see that I’ve got some amazing scented candles to share with you from United Candles! Enjoy my Holidays Are Coming post! Ho ho ho!


United Candles are one of my ultimate favourite brands when it comes to scented candles! The company is American and they have some of the most beautiful and tasteful ranges of scented candles, from a Tuscany range to a Downton Abbey Range. This is one site that I find myself spending hours on, redecorating my house in my mind to fit around these gorgeous candles and imagining their delicious scents! I love this store and think that they do such a great job of photographing and marketing their amazing products, they’re in another league!


So, first thing’s first. These gorgeous candles completely look the part! As soon as I grabbed the box from the post man (you may have seen my snaps on Snapchat [username – LOVEROSIEE18], I knew that whatever was inside it was something amazing. The weight of the box told me that, then when I scored open tape and tissue paper I was met with a gorgeous scent that filled my entire kitchen! When I dug around in the box I was delighted to see how massive the two candles are that had been sent to me!


I first pulled out the Snow Day candle and popped it open to get a whiff. Immediately I was entranced into a memory of snow days when I was little where I’d been able to stay home and play in my garden with my sisters. I was transported and was shocked with how potent and how powerful the scent was. It’s a gorgeous scent that could be lit in your living room, left to burn for a while all the while inducing memories and nostalgias of winters as a child! Snow Day is not an overwhelming or harsh smell, it is a slow burner (pun intended) and it would fill your house up delicately –  the smells will fill your home and your clothing with a lovely scent of days gone by!


The second scent I was sent by United Candles was Sparkling Evergreen. As soon as I popped the fixed lid on this candle my nose was filled with the amazing smell of Christmas Trees! I was so taken aback by the smell and felt on the verge of emotion at the shock of the smell! It was a gorgeous moment that I shared with my boyfriend and harked back to those excited evenings as a child when the fresh Christmas Tree was brought home, filling your home with scents of Christmas and wounding your feet on the sharp needles!


On closer inspection of Sparkling Evergreen you can see that laden inside the solid candle looks like small shards of Christmas Tree. The texture is beautiful and adds to that edge of Christmas!

I am so in love with my United Candles! I literally had to take photos of hem as soon as I got my hands on them as I was desperate to light them and start enjoying their Christmasy scents!

If these amazing candles wont get you in the spirit for You Know Who’s arrival, nothing will!

You can find United Candles and get your hands on some of their lush ranges here!





  1. November 22, 2016 / 6:00 pm

    I love candles! Fab post, super handy! Thank you 🙂 xx

  2. November 23, 2016 / 1:35 pm

    Oh I do love a good Christmas candle! I think my fave are the more foodie ones though cause it’s not really Christmas without eating your body weight is it?!



  3. December 5, 2016 / 2:50 pm

    I’ve heard so much about United Candles but I’ve never tried them! These Christmas ones sound amazing! Fab post.
    Love Hayley X

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